Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Street Lawn (Dogtooth Continued)

It's September and theoretically, our new African Dogtooth street lawn should be established.

Established. I guess that's an okay description. Here's the progress.

Dogtooth grass plugs at planting at the end of May:

Dogtooth grass plugs one month later (June):

Dogtooth grass at the beginning of September:


  • I've done no weeding. There are a fair number of weeds. More in some places than in others.
  • We've watered according to instructions, meaning it currently receives water only once a week.
  • Where the Bluegrass has historically done well, so has the Dogtooth grass. 
  • Where the Bluegrass hasn't done well, neither has the Dogtooth grass.
  • Where the Bluegrass has died, the Dogtooth grass is hanging on. Barely.
  • Dogtooth blades are finer than the Bluegrass and a shade of green lighter.
In a dreamworld, the Dogtooth grass in the street lawn will get thicker and thicker and choke out all the weeds without me doing any weeding. Nonetheless, I'm going to start weeding a bit now that the boys are back in school and the weather is cooler.

African Dogtooth Grass. Between my fingers is one of the runner-like pieces.
This grass spreads (like strawberries) with runners, not seeds.
I'm sure there are more technical terms. You can find them here.

In the spirit of experimentation in May, I planted a few Dogtooth plugs in our regular lawn, without killing the Bluegrass first (as the instructions recommend). Those plugs are still alive, but haven't spread as much.

Can you spot the African dogtooth grass? 

African Dogtooth grass in circles. Other grass is mostly Kentucky Bluegrass.

In another dreamworld, the Dogtooth will slowly take over this lawn as well. It will prove to be a much better alternative than Bluegrass.

Planting the dogtooth grass plugs
Why we planted the grass (a dialog)
The African dogtooth grass experiment begins in May
The additional bulb flower experiment
Where the bulbs get eaten by the rabbits
Fifteen months after planting
Two years in when the Japanese Beetle Grub arrive


Anonymous said...

did you notice how the colors of the first grass picture correspond to the wallpaper canvas on the right? Maybe you should make one i the cahde of Dogtooth grass, and the grass growth will follow suit

Ann Wyse said...