Monday, September 22, 2014

At Home

This weekend, Fritz took the kids out of the house for over 2 hours on 2 days, meaning:

I got to clean!

So exciting! So refreshing! So rejuvenating! And, no, I'm not being sarcastic. With little kids who are always home, I don't manage to keep the house neat. At all. You already know this, if you've been reading along. I'm getting better at not stressing out about it. But there's still something enormously relaxing about the house being picked up.

Fritz normally takes the kids to the playground, or the zoo, or the museums. We have several family memberships. They really pay for themselves on the weekends. Sometimes, however, it stinks to be the one at home, either managing multiple bodies or scrubbing toilets because everybody's gone. Especially as Noah has gotten older and more intellectually engaging, I'd love to spend more time doing the fun stuff as a family, outside the home.

Noah pouted when he heard I wasn't going out with them this weekend. But really, the situation around here was dire to my mental health. I'm really looking forward to the time when they are all out of the house with some regularity (i.e., I can clean regularly). Trixie is 16 months now. I'm finally beginning to catch wiffs of the coming freedom.

Man, this baby-toddler thing is so hard. I don't think it's any easier even though this is the third time around.

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Anonymous said...

Hang on, my friend - the time will come. Then you'll have plenty of time to read other moms'blogs who go through the same situation you were in. And then you can tell them: Hang on...
But be aware: the time window where all your kids are happy to join those family activities is short. That's when you can still say: hey, I really want to do this as a family together. How about we all help together to clean, and then we can have fun. Stops working at some point, when one child prefers to 'chill' at home and is not interested in doing his/her share of house chores, though.
We rented three different homes during our summer vacation, and for the first time the much dreaded 'cleaning before you leave it or otherwise you pay 100 bucks' was no effort at all, because the kids were able to help. I see the silver lining on the horizon...