Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Street Lawn

Street lawn: strip of grass between sidewalk and street. Also sometimes known as the parking or hellstrip.

the First Summer

  • It must not be getting enough water. Ann 8/2011
  • Maybe it needs to be mowed more often. Ann 9/2011
  • I think it's a really sunny, hot, dry corner of the lawn. Ann 9/2011
  • Americans get their lawn obsession from the British. They are still subjects of the Queen at heart. We mowed our lawn twice a year when I was a kid in Germany. Fritz 9/2011

the Second Summer

  • It's not getting enough water. Ann 6/2012
  • I think you need some fertilizer. I have some left over. Want me to put it on? Neighbor 6/2012
  • The landscaper installed the sprinkler wrong. Fritz 7/2012
  • I think the fertilizer made the weeds grow more quickly. Ann 7/2012
  • I think it needs to be mowed more often. If we mowed more often, there wouldn't be so many weeds. Ann 8/2012
  • Americans get their lawn obsession from the British. I fixed the sprinkler head, it was shooting in the wrong direction. I put a rock under it and jammed it against the curb. Fritz 8/2012
  • The problem is the sod. Sod never, ever really takes root like the grass you plant from seed. You need to plant grass from seed. Aunt 8/2012
  • Maybe we should just take out the grass and do xeriscape plantings and mulch next year. But we'd still have to weed....Ann 8/2012
  • You need to aerate it. The water can't get into the soil unless you aerate it. Neighbor 8/2012
  • Americans are like British subjects when it comes to their lawns. I am not doing the "Dog Poop Treatment" (aeration) to our grass every year. I think plantings would look nice.  Fritz 9/2012
May 2013, Fritz says, "It kind of looks nice with all those flowers.
But the Queen would disapprove."

Dandelions are pretty from this angle, right?

the Third Summer

  • How are we going to get all these plantings done with a newborn in the house? And we will STILL have to weed it. Maybe we should just pull all the weeds in the existing grass, mow A LOT, and try to save whatever grass is still there. Ann 3/2013
  • Americans are still British subjects at heart. Fine. But I'm using weed killer. Fritz 5/2013
  • You have grubs. Ann's mom 5/2013
  • I'm using grub killer. Fritz 5/2013
  • You need grass from seed. Sod never really takes root. And water deeply. Aunt 6/2013
  • I'm putting on grass seed. I'm watering less often for longer. Fritz 6/2013
  • Did we mow this week? Ann 7/2013
  • Americans get their lawn obsession from the British. I'm pulling and killing weeds. Fritz 7/2013
  • Did we – can you watch the baby so that I can mow the lawn? Ann 8/2013
  • It's kind of looking okay. Ann 9/2013
  • I'm just doing one more round of weed killer before the winter. Fritz 9/2013

  • I'm giving you a new grass for the parking as a Christmas gift. Aunt 12/2013

  • (But we just finished pouring in enough toxic chemicals to make it look American/British. Should we refuse this gift?? Ann and Fritz 12/2013)

the Fourth Summer

Grass plugs at planting:

Grass plugs one month later:

Hmmm. This is the least weedy section. Honestly, I wish it was growing a little faster because we've got a lot of weeds returning to our lawn! Let's hope this African Dogtooth grass has an exponential kind of growth.

Planting the dogtooth grass plugs
The African dogtooth grass experiment begins in May
The African dogtooth grass at 4 months in August
The additional bulb flower experiment
Where the bulbs get eaten by the rabbits
Fifteen months after planting
Two years in when the Japanese Beetle Grub arrive


Jennifer said...

This is hilarious! I love the British at heart comments! You gave me a much needed laugh this afternoon, thanks!

Ann Wyse said...


Anonymous said...

Good luck!
A friend of ours in Texas once said: isn't it crazy how you spend all that time to water the lawn, only so you have to mow it more often and then you have to figure out where to put all that cut grass. So at least you don't have to worry about that (yet).

Ann Wyse said...

Ha! I think the trick to the clipping is COMPOST! But this is a low water, no-mow grass. So theoretically, we won't have any clippings for compost, nor will we have to water (much). We'll see.

Sam Lucas said...

That was definitely a fun read! Who knew that quotations and random quips can tell a comic story about lawns and grass? Hahaha! Anyway, I think that the exponential growth you're wishing for would be dependent upon a lot of extrinsic factors. Though, I do hope that they cover up the lawn fast. All good things!

Sam Lucas @ Green Collar