Wednesday, July 16, 2014


The Denver Public Library has a phone number for kids which you can call and listen to a story. They have stories for kids of different ages at different extensions. It changes weekly. There's something sweetly retro about it.

It actually reminds me of when I was Noah's age and I discovered the Time and Temperature Phone Number. I'm not sure if every town had one, but in my hometown, you could call a number and a machine told the exact time and temperature. I thought it was great. I must have called that number hundreds of times. I don't actually remember the temperature part so much. But I do remember this:

"At the sound of the beep, the time will be 8:01 am. BEEP."


Pregnantly Plump said...

That's so cool! My grandmother's city had one of the time/temperature numbers. I thought it was neat.

Anonymous said...

Oh how wonderful! And better than putting the kids in front of the TV if you need a few minutes.
Here is another idea: for I while, I had my mom call my daughter once a week. It was the day I had to leave her at home to pick up her brothers, so grandma 'babysat' by reading a special story to her every time.
The service with the time still exists in Germany, by the way. I think it is even the same voice. Beim nächsten Ton ist es....ask Fritz

Ann Wyse said...

Oh, I love the telephone babysitting! That's so clever. We might have to try that when Noah is older!

Katie said...

Oh, I love this! And I totally remember calling for the time and temp - a lot!