Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Shade Segue

Oma has been here visiting for the last two weeks. I tend to check out of blogging when we have houseguests, because I feel like blogging is a rather solitary activity, best left for a quiet evening alone. But I do miss blogging!

I've been mentally writing a lot of blog posts lately: on pergolas, solar panels, the garden, being/having houseguests, summer camps, 10 year anniversaries....

But for now, how about a photo segue?

[sorry, photo gone!]

We spent some time up in the mountains, courtesy of Fritz's very generous colleague who invites us to stay at his cabin sometimes. I DO SO LOVE being there. Given unlimited resources, I would definitely own a cabin in the mountains and invite you all to come stay. The weather was perfect: meaning sunshine and blue skies, but not too hot.

[this one is gone, too]

The sun. Oh, that sun. Surely I am passing along my shade loving genes to the boys. Just look at this contraption on their playhouse.

[guess you'll just have to subscribe to my blog if you really want to see the photos]

Let's hope they also get my good sense of orientation soon, because all of these umbrellas are facing NORTH. (Pssst! Put them on the other side of the house, guys!) Or maybe they didn't get my shade-loving genes, after all.

[this was a cute one!]

Speaking of genes, here are the kiddos with Oma. I think Trixie looks a lot like her. I rather hope she gets Oma's curls (curls which her maternal grandma has as well)! Although I, personally, would be at a loss to help her style her curly hair. That would have to be the job of the grandmas!

[another cute one!]

I'm going to tell you a secret about the 2 photos above: they're fake. By that I mean that I took 2-3 photos that were almost the same (same people, same background, taken within the same 30 seconds) and then traded heads. Even then, some child has his or her eyes closed or is looking slightly odd. These don't look like professional photos, but they have the ONE quality I want in a family photos: everyone looking approximately at the camera. That's it. That's all I want. I don't need airbrushed wrinkles, or moles removed, or big smiles, just multiple people looking at the camera simultaneously. I find it NOT EASY with kids. I have to take photos with the intention to cut and paste them together. But I decided faking it, especially with young families, is entirely okay. Hopefully, if you pay a professional photographer money for a photo shoot, they can do this same magic and more. In our modern, computer literate world, I don't think that's asking too much. In fact, it's probably pretty stuffy and boring and old-fashion of me NOT to care about filters and focus and spontaneity... What? You just want a photo where people look at the camera? That's so Nineteenth Century of you!

(Off soapbox.)

Spontaneity can be fun. For some people.

[funny one]

Obviously, the photo above didn't work out so well.

[also funny]

But we are seeing a lot of this lately. I think we could easily change Trixie's name to Tenacity. She is so undeterred by any physical pursuit; so determined to climb everywhere and anywhere. (Umm, Trixie, those are rocks you are walking on! Didn't you just get that cast off? Can you take it a little slower for your old mom?) Honestly, I find it unnerving because she's far less stable than I would like, but she just won't stop trying once she decides to do something. She's very different from her brothers in this regard.

[bye bye photo]

I'm pretty sure I had to help them both get down after I took this photo. Huh.


Pregnantly Plump said...

I like photos to have a little personality, and perfection rarely shows personality. I think they look nice, and would never have known they were doctored. Our youngest is also tenacious, but about the weirdest things. It all depends on the time of day. Jealous of the tree climbing.

Ann Wyse said...

We had to go to a park several miles away to climb trees. ;-)

I always love your photos with personality, M!