Sunday, June 1, 2014


We managed to plant 360 grass plugs on Saturday.

It felt great to be working on a project as a family. Well, Trixie wasn't much help.

But Noah and Mattias actually helped quite a bit. Collecting dirt plugs, spraying water, and packing dirt is pretty much exactly what they like to do when they play in the yard anyway; so it worked well. They spent hours knocking the dirt off the roots of the grass and sorting into separate containers. I was impressed. If only every project channeled their creative play so well.

Planting the dogtooth grass plugs
Why we planted the grass (a dialog)
The African dogtooth grass experiment begins in May
The African dogtooth grass at 4 months in August
The additional bulb flower experiment
Where the bulbs get eaten by the rabbits
Fifteen months after planting
Two years in when the Japanese Beetle grub arrive


Pregnantly Plump said...

That's great! We're about to start looking to plant grass. Hopefully ours will be as helpful.

idena said...

Can you send them to me for a few days? I need to plant new grass in our front yard. ;)

Ann Wyse said...

Hmm... that might work well for me, too. ;)