Friday, June 6, 2014

Clean up

Thank you for all your cleaning-with-kids tips! I'm totally inspired to do much better this summer with our cleaning routine. This weekend we have some Major Cleaning to do because Oma arrives for a two week stay on Monday! I'll try to keep you posted on our cleaning challenge as it progresses. But not too much because that could be really boring, right?

[photo of The Cleanliness Saboteur]

Both Noah and Mattias cried about today being the last day of school. I think that's a testimony to what great teachers they had this year. Both of their teachers are looping – i.e. teaching (mostly) the same kids at the next grade level – next year. We're absolutely thrilled about this. It helps, of course, that both teachers seem to be such a good fit for the kiddo. Their tears about the end of the year did give me a nice dose of insecurity about my own mothering. Aren't they suppose to be excited about the summer? Maybe I'm not looking like very much fun these days. Hmm. Maybe I need to stop talking about our cleaning routine.


Pregnantly Plump said...

Is it bad that our 4-year-old sometimes looks like that? It's great that they love their teachers, and it's wonderful that they'll get to have them again! I'm sure they're excited for summer, too.

Ann Wyse said...

I say, four year olds are totally allowed to look like this, too! ;-)