Monday, May 26, 2014


We've had three shifts in the past week that are making things a little easier around the Wyse home.

First, Trixie is walking enough to go across the room/around the room. I know a lot of people feel like there's an uptick in chaos when the walking begins. But at this point, she's not so fast as to run away from me and she's still getting into "trouble" (like the trash cans and cupboards and the open dishwasher) at the same rate as a crawling baby. Basically, at this point, being able to walk means that it's easier to take her outside in the grass. It's easier to go to the park because she's not on her hands and knees eating the mulch. And it's easier to set her down (on her feet!) in public.

Second, Trixie is dropping her second nap. I used the word dropping because she still needs a little something in the morning, but it doesn't need to be a proper nap in her crib. The crib naps are really tough to mesh with the older kids' schedules and noise level, so I am very happy to see the second nap go. If we can get to one nap a day by the time school lets out for the summer, that would make our summer schedule feel a lot less restrictive.

Third, we finally finished re-appropriating all our biking gear so that the whole family can go biking. Trixie is in the bike trailer, Mattias on his balance bike, and Noah on his regular bike. The recommendation on babies in bike trailers is one year old. I know a lot of you put a carseat in the bike trailer, but I guess I'm too much of a rule follower to try that. We used birthday season this year to get everyone re-outfitted in properly sized bikes and helmets. Theoretically, we have a lovely hand-me-down system since all the kids are 3 years apart. In practice, it still took time and money and finessing to get everyone into the proper gear to bike. Being able to bike as a family again will be a huge step forward for our summer sanity.

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Anonymous said...

I can literally feel the breeze of fresh air - and the goose bumps of excitment that such shifts always give me. We reached the state in which all our kids now have bikes with gear change. So theoretically, we can all go on real bike tours now.
Enjoy your summer!