Monday, May 19, 2014


This weekend the temperatures shot up past 80 degrees. I got quite a bit of gardening done, but by 2pm, I thought to myself, I am a New England weather person. I was feeling particularly grumpy and hot and tired and I was glaring menacingly back at the sun itself. Yes, I'll take a humid 70 over a dry 80 any day of the week. Fritz is my foil in this matter. He's just getting going at 2pm and 85 degrees.

Speaking of getting going, I'm getting lots of questions and blog hits about the bamboo. May is a bad month for the bamboo. It looses all it's leaves in the spring, not the fall. It's kind of discouraging. The rest of the world turns green, and the bamboo turns brown. I trimmed out the dead stuff this weekend. (You can see some clippings are still on the deck below.) It looks like this right now:

[image removed]

Not so nice. Over the next two months, it will grow all its new stalks (culms) and get new leaves. It will be looking okay again by the end of June. I hope. There's always a bit of finger crossing involved with the bamboo.

[image removed]

The nicer weather meant the solar panels were installed this week. Hurray! Now we're waiting for an inspection and for the utilities company to install a bidirectional meter. I love the idea that our house is about to become its own little power plant. Noah and Max were fascinated by the installers. (Okay, I was fascinated, too!)

[image removed]

The installers had a cool pulley system on their ladder to get the solar panels up to the roof.  Of course, that inspired us to get the pulley (that my brother made for the boys) mounted to the playhouse. Originally, the pulley idea came from something I saw being sold in a German toy catalog. I've seen something similar here. Let the fun begin.

[image removed]

Well, it was fun when we had it indoors, too. I just worried more about safety. The drop was a little greater in the stairwell. Ah-hem. That's why they are wearing bike helmets below... (?!?)

[image removed]

Trixie is really into wearing food based hair products lately. Thankfully, the cast is gone, so we can give her baths again. Whew! I believe this concoction was beets and cheese. Who feeds their baby beets in a white top?

[image removed]

I'm really struggling with dishes to feed the whole family for the last few months. One of the few that works is Strapatsada – basically, Greek scrambled eggs with tomato. There's a video with this link, and I suggest watching it, if for no other reason than to learn why and how to grate(!) a tomato.


Anonymous said...

Whose baby eats beets, that's my question. I am impressed by what you offer your children. But why not?
Food based hair products, I love it!

Ann Wyse said...

(Yeah, um, she's not really eating the beets.)