Monday, April 14, 2014

Tales of First Steps

On Thursday, Trixie was taking 6-8 steps all by herself. Walking.

On Friday, Trixie tumbled down about 6 stairs and hurt her leg. Or her foot. It's hard to say. She stopped standing on her left foot. She was certainly not walking. She was whiny and uncomfortable, but there were no physical signs of injury beyond the whining and one-footed-balance. I took her to the doctor. He ordered some x-rays. They came back negative for fractures, a piece of information that I take with a grain of salt, knowing how hard it is to see fractures in the mostly cartilage (bones) of a baby. Fritz broke his arm when he was five and the breakage was only found, remodeled, when he started having trouble at age 40. Sigh.

We were sent home, with instructions to give her pain killers, and keep an eye on her over the weekend. Well, the weekend has passed. She's no worse off, but she's not much better either. No walking, just balancing on that right foot and left toe. Crawling, once again.

The story's not over yet. We're still watching and waiting.

But I am reminded of Mattias' first week walking. He had – he HAS – this strange habit of letting his tongue hang out of his mouth. The first week he was walking, he fell. His two little teeth on top and his two little teeth on bottom? They bit through his tongue. His tongue wasn't completely severed, it was just a tongue with a big slice in the middle of it. There was a lot of blood. We took our first ever trip to the emergency room. Somehow, his tongue grew back together. But I always wonder if his love of spicy food is related to this incident.

When I was just walking as a baby, I fell on some concrete and took the brunt of the fall on my face. My mother swears there was a large piece of flesh missing from the tip of my nose. On the up side, it grew back; on the down side, I still have a rather sizable nose.

I'm hopeful that the end of Trixie's leg/foot tale will have an unremarkable conclusion. 


Pregnantly Plump said...

Poor thing! I hope it's nothing more than a sprain (that's not bad, is it?)

idena said...

Oh no... sorry she had a fall.

Anonymous said...

Ouch! I really hope for you that it's just the memory of the pain that makes her walk like that, nothing more serious.I recently learned that children can have something called greenstick fracture. Has your doctor mentioned that? BUt her feet are so small....hard to imagine. Love those chubby little feet, btw!