Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Spätzle. Party.

This weekend, Fritz had some colleagues over for a Spätzle Party. Never heard of a Spätzle Party? Me neither, I think it was totally his own invention. Spätzle is basically german noodles: flour, water, eggs - um, I think that's it. There are different regional methods for making spätzle. Fritz made Bavarian spätzle, his colleague made Swabish spätzle. Both were very good. I suggest wikipedia if you want to know more about spätzle.

What I was actually thinking about, however, was more the party and less the spätzle. Every time we have people over, it feels like a really big deal. Seriously, this party was on Sunday and we spent the whole weekend cleaning. By the time the party began I wasn't just tired, I was a little annoyed thinking about all the things that didn't happen because we'd been in party prep mode all weekend. I wish I could just shrug it off, let people into our house in all its messy glory. I do shrug off the mess – somewhat – with the neighbors. But parties feel like they need more formalization, thus the cleaning. Also, there were other people cooking in the kitchen, so cleaning out the fridge and the spice cabinet seemed important.

Once, when we had a few family friends over, shortly after Trixie was born, they were really impressed by how clean the house was. These families were generally younger and smaller. And I think our clean house almost scared them. Something about the situation, or the way their comments were expressed, caused me to think in retrospect that they thought our house ALWAYS looked like that. And strangely, neither Fritz nor I felt like it was appropriate at the time to say, "No! We spent all day cleaning!" But we did. I just want to confess: we ALWAYS spend at least all day cleaning if we have a party/planned event. I'm really looking forward to the time when this is not the case. The question is: do I need to learn to relax about the state of the house? Or is my fussing legitimate and it will be less of an issue as the kids get older?


idena said...

Even when I spend the whole day (or weekend) cleaning in preparation for a visitor, my house never looks completely clean. I have too many things in too small a space. The only way it will ever look clean enough to get those kind of comments is if we tossed half our stuff (which I should do, but it's so hard!).

I've relaxed quite a bit since my older kids became teens. At one point, when I was running around crazy before their friends came over, my oldest told me his friends truly didn't care about the state of the house. I've since stopped and realized he was right. I care, but the friends don't. So now I just clean enough to make me comfortable.

Anonymous said...

Tell you one secret: the first time Fritz came to my appartment, I was trying hard to have everything clean. When I ran out of time, I hid the dirty dishes in the oven...not sure if he still remembers.
Tell you another secret: my girls already found out that it is good to have visitors coming, because that makes them clean their rooms. I just need to make sure I tell them early enough, then they are happy to have a reason to work. Well, most of the time.
Tell you one last secret: I am at the point where I do not run the whole cleaning program any more. Sometimes I just walk around with a big laundry basket, throw things in and vacuum. That's it. Oh, and fresh towels for the restroom.
But if we finally invited our new neighbors, I would be more nervous, too - maybe that's why we haven't done it yet.
End of my confession

Pregnantly Plump said...

We don't have last minute parties, so I try to spread my cleaning out over the week before. I still spend the night before doing a lot of stuff, but spreading it out works fairly well. No one ever tells me how clean the house is, though. So, maybe I don't get it clean enough?