Saturday, April 26, 2014

Mirror, mirror

I'm convinced that this new mirror I got from Ikea has a slight vertical exaggeration.

I also think our guest bathroom mirror does the same thing, but to a lesser degree. I will be blaming both these mirrors with my inability to lose all the weight I gained (OVER A YEAR AGO) with Trixie, by the way.

I thought about the possibility that all the "normal" mirrors in my house might have a slight horizontal exaggeration.  However, the thing that convinces me that it is this mirror is off is that when I look at this piece of artwork in the offending mirror, it looks narrower than when I look at it directly.

"I guess they goofed up," Fritz says, when I tell him about the Ikea mirror. "Ikea is too cheap."

I'm not so sure. It seems to me that a slimming mirror might be a better seller.

You know what? I can test this using a photo editor! I took the photos, I drew a red box around the mirror artwork (left side), then I proportionally scaled the red box to fit the height of the artwork without mirror (right side). See how the red box on the right is narrower than the artwork? That's the amount of distortion in the Ikea mirror. I THINK. Tell me if you if you think there might be some other explanation.


Anonymous said...

Well, you could turn the mirror 90 degrees and see what happens...
Or just be happy that you have such a smart mirror (which clothing stores should also have so women would like their bodies more when they try on bikinis....)

Ann Wyse said...

Oh yes, they're already there: I've noticed mirrors with the same effects in clothing stores, too!