Saturday, March 22, 2014

Coming up for air

Hi there! I'm back. Did you miss me?

This week concluded my excursion into the school volunteer world and finds that my feelings about volunteering haven't actually changed all that much since I wrote this. I guess I thought maybe volunteering would be something different! a nice change of pace! Turns out, life with three kids, one of whom is home with me full-time, is no more conducive to volunteering than life with was with two kids (with one at home full-time).

I was teaching an architecture class at the school for 2nd and 3rd graders. I had Big Plans. I had to lower my expectations. And lower them again. Working with "older" kids was a change of pace – and it was still crazy. I think 16 seven- and eight-year-old boys was about the same energy level as what I have here at home (with three kids of different ages). Now that the class is over I'm relieved and happy and thinking about how I can make it better next time. There's definitely room for improvement. But in the midst of my 4 week volunteering stint, it was pretty stressful around here. It wasn't just the teaching and prep time, it was other things. It may be a while until I take this project on again. We need to regroup. I need to regroup.

We are now heading into Wyse family birthday season. Four birthdays in 5 weeks. This year, we're keeping it simple. That means we'll be having family birthday parties, just the 5 of us, plus my aunt and uncle, who live in the area. I have to confess that I love family birthday parties! It's not that I don't enjoy getting together with all of our friends, its just that I think it's so easy for the birthday party to balloon out of control with expectations. So far, neither Noah nor Mattias think that they are entitled to a big birthday party; we're running with that.


Anonymous said...

I missed you!
I am sure your class was a success, you have so much knowledge to share, and even though kids are so chaotic, they will remember something. Don't be frustrated, be proud of what you managed!
Or could you have imagined this three years ago, being able to do this with THREE kids?

Pregnantly Plump said...

I'm sure the students loved learning from you. I think it's really cool that a real architect came and talked to them. It is hard to volunteer with a little one at home full-time. I think sometimes people forget that if I come during the day, I will have a very curious 2-year-old with me.

idena said...

Oh yes, you've been missed! Would love to hear what you taught the kids in your architecture class! That sounds fun!
Happy birthday to everyone!

Ann Wyse said...

Idena, I would like to share my lesson plans at some point, but it's going to have to wait a bit as there's still lots going on around here!

Katie said...

I hit a low very recently with T's upcoming birthday and caved in to a plan that has all along felt wrong in my gut. It's tough as they get older and start going to all kinds of parties, exposed to many places and activities I've tried to keep shushed away. I don't even know if he considers this a "big" party - it's just his birthday party. That's also a big part of the disconnect I'm feeling. Anyway.

Family parties and small gatherings are simply wonderful. I know you'll all enjoy. :)