Friday, February 14, 2014

Valentines 2014

Noah still doesn't like crafts much, but he's come to accept that he will be forced into crafts on two occasions: 1) friend's birthday parties, for which I insist the party goer make a card for the birthday kid and 2) Valentines Day, when I refuse to buy cards. This year, Mattias needed Valentines cards as well, and luckily for me, he was much more interested in crafting than Noah at the same age.

Here's what we ended up with for Noah:

These are rocks from the yard with fingernail polish hearts (I had to do that part myself), wrapped in tissue paper, tied with a tag stamped "you rock." This idea came about because I recently made these rocks for the boys to help with separation anxiety. They liked the rocks a lot, although I don't think they made much of a dent in the separation anxiety.

Mattias's valentines were a toned-down version of Noah's from 3 years ago. We made these in a single morning, because they're simpler (than Noah's old version) and because Mattias is just happier to craft AND because I'd already spent too much time with Noah and his cards. I taped smarties candies on them, which was probably unnecessary: second child lapse in judgement or something.

I thought about doing the same rock theme for both kids, but decided that giving three- and four-year-olds rocks might not be a good idea. Also, Mattias was pretty sure that "you rock" was literal.


idena said...

Oh I am stealing the "you rock" idea for next year!

Pregnantly Plump said...

Those are really cute ideas. I got so frustrated trying to get Baby Plum to sign his name, that I ended up getting stickers with his name on them and making him use those. He's gets super giggly and couldn't stop laughing when his N's looked like anything but Ns.

Ann Wyse said...

Steal away, Idena!

I hear you, PP, on the name signing. Mattias is pretty good for his age, but Noah was a major pain when younger. Noah's handwriting is still notably bad, so the stamp set gets quite a workout at our house!

life's a bear said...

I'm a big proponent of homemade Valentine's too. Ben is NOT crafty, but I bought him a silver pen and we made potato stamps (cut hearts into potatoes). He was totally into it! He even asked to work on them some days. I do think we need to get some stamps - where did you find them? And I love the rock idea. I hate all the candy my kids receive (partly because I end up eating some of it).

Ann Wyse said...

I found the alphabet stamps at Target. It was $10 for the set for lower case letters. I've seen similar sets at Michaels and Hobby Lobby but they are always more expensive.