Saturday, February 8, 2014

Tools to Extract a Lego from a Disk Drive

Oh, brother. Don't try this at home. Unless you're really desperate.

Provided that you can open the drive, just a wee bit, here's what you need:

Maybe the internet has already figured this out. But since I spent about 45 minutes today racking my brain for the solution, I'm going to post it.

Somehow, the DVD drive continues to function. Whew.


Lady Cordelia said...

oh...I had to just wonder how that lego got in there. ; )
found you by way of Owl and Twine... nice to meet you.
: )

Pregnantly Plump said...

Funny! And seems like a good solution to me, as for the reason it was in there? Yeah, I'm familiar with that reasoning. It makes perfect sense to them.

Anonymous said...

We were not that successful once, when our youngest fed the cd slot in the car with coins. Too bad we still had a twelve hour drive ahead of us -without music, stories....just cranky kids and complains from the backseat about the money. Glad you had more luck!

idena said...

Great job!