Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Indoor Energy Burn

I'm in frantic mode lately. This mode seems to happen when 1) Fritz has a lot of deadlines at work, 2) one of the kids is under-the-weather, 3) one of the kids is in a high(er) maintenance developmental stage, 4) one of the kids refuses to sleep/nap, 5) I've made some volunteer commitment, 6) we have house guests, or 7) too much time indoors. (Wait a minute... am I always in frantic mode?) Well, all seven of those things are happening now and might continue for the next FOUR weeks. And then life will simmer back down to normal.

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So, instead of obsessing about it (I really could go on and on...) let me post some photos of the last few weeks. Even if nothing else gets done around here, I will have managed to blog:

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Here's Noah making pasta, our first attempt ever. I think I mentioned that I'm trying to buy stuff at the grocery store that is only one ingredient? Basically, I'm tired of all the indecipherable ingredients on labels. Like a lot of people, we've cut back on the carbs and gluten around here. Fritz and I generally feel better eating less of it; however we're not so radical as to totally eliminate anything from our diet. (Give up cookies? Ha! That's a recipe I would fail!) Also, the kids still love pasta and bread. We do find that we eat less carb-y gluten-y things when we make them ourselves. Maybe you could say that making it ourselves forces us to eat carbs and gluten only in moderation? We tried to make spelt pasta, but the dough was too thick to roll. We gave up on the spelt and used white flour instead. Next time, I would really like to try einkorn instead of white flour. Even with remaking the dough, the whole process was really much simpler than I thought it would be. All that cranking the pasta machine turned out to be a greatly engaging for both the boys.

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Here's another old-fashion, engaging activity. This typewriter was from Fritz's grandmother. As a child, Fritz loved to play on it. I pulled it out of the basement the other day, thinking I could use it as a prop for some cheesy Etsy photos. (Just in case I happen to open an Etsy store, you know.) Then I used the typewriter's case to barricade the bottom of the stairs for Trixie. So the typewriter was just sitting around. Turns out, it makes such a great noise and requires such a good amount of focused effort to strike those keys that an awful lot of child energy can be burned up by typing away. And yup, you can still get semi-visible letters out of the 40 year-old typewriter ribbon.

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Trixie is getting her workout by pushing chairs around the house. If anyone wants to sit at the table,  he or she needs to track down a chair first. Keeps everyone active.

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Or maybe just having an extra dishwasher keeps us on our toes.

Over the years, it has been suggested to me many times that I should only let my children play with one toy at a time, such that they learn to pick their toys and put them away. I'm sure my house would be a lot more organized (and maybe my brain, too), but would my kids still build such cool things? I love this Dock City! For the record, I not only let them play with these toys together, I let them leave it out all night long so they could resume play in the morning. Oh man, I'm such a rebel mom. (Joking!)

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Noah is pretty sure I'm doing everything WRONG on purpose lately. I asked him to hold his upset face yesterday while I got the camera so we could document just what it looks like when I am WRONG. Here it is. Noah took one look at his photo and decided he, himself, Noah Wyse, is hilarious. I'm going to go with that.


idena said...

Oh I especially love that first photo! Great shot.

I used to be one of those "one toy at a time and put it away when done" moms, but my youngest never plays with toys as they are intended to be played with. He much prefers to mix things up and work on one of his projects for days on end. Oh well, I'll have a neat and toy-free house in a dozen years or so.

Pregnantly Plump said...

I love the dishwasher picture! As for the toys, I've read that it encourages more creative play if you let them mix them up. Mine prefer to mix their toys with kitchen tools.

Ann Wyse said...