Wednesday, January 15, 2014


There's a lot of sweeping to do when there's a crawling, cheerio-eating baby (but no dog) in the house. Sweeping is the perfect activity for thinking up mundane topics to blog about. Also, I'm probably more in tune with these THINGS right now because we just returned from vacation. Being away for a couple weeks can do that to you. Usually, I don't like to write about THINGS because it makes me feel like an advertisement. Which I'm not. Well, okay, I kind of am here. But I'm not a paid ad. Also, when my favorite, trusted bloggers write about things unsolicited, I find it interesting, even though I don't rush out to buy the stuff. 

Okay, let's talk things:

Like this Olive Oil and Lavender hand soap from Savon de Marseille. Fritz got me some in 2012 for Christmas, and it was the first thing on my Christmas list for 2013. In fact, I kept pestering him, Did you get me that hand soap yet? I really, really would like that hand soap. Did you see they make refills, too? I'll send you the link. I would never justify the price of this soap for myself, but if someone gives it to me.... I use mine in the kitchen, although it's probably too aromatic to be an appropriate hand washing soap for a food prepping area.

Simply Organic's Italian Salad Dressing. I'm only speaking for the Italian Dressing, here. Their other dressings may be fine, but this one is incredible. When we were in Rhode Island, I kept having cravings for it every time I ate a salad. I couldn't find it at any of the grocery stores out there. Even here in Colorado, I sometimes have a difficult time finding it. It's either sold out; or the store carries many Simply Organic packets, but not the Italian in particular; or the store just doesn't carry it. I buy A LOT when I find it. For added amusement, you can premix the dressing and keep it in one of those old-fashion dressing dispensers. Ours belonged to Fritz's grandmother and I felt especially tickled to be able to use it.

Coaches Oats are another thing I really missed. I'm not exactly sure how to describe these oats – they're different from the oatmeal you know – they're chewy, I suppose. Not steel cut, not rolled. Not crushed, either. I've never seen them for sale any where other than Costco, but they're so delicious and satisfying. My breakfast staple. Trixie has also started to eat them with wild abandon. But then, she eats almost everything with wild abandon.

I was going to write: that's all I've got for now. Then I realized that, actually, the fact that I've got these things after a few weeks away from them feels really special and luxurious. Funny how mundane things can grow significant.


Anonymous said...

...too bad you wrote this when my husband was already back on his way to Germany. He even texted me from Whole Foods, aksing what he could pick up for me. Only thing I could come up with was - Hasennudeln (bunny pasta), I know you do not approve. Next time I ask for the dressing!

Ann Wyse said...

Next time! I'm okay with Hasennudeln! I'd import them, too, if we were in Germany. ;-)

Oat Girl said...

Thank you Ann, for being a fan of Coach's Oats! We truly appreciate your testimonial and kind compliments.