Monday, January 13, 2014


I spent the morning referee-ing Trixie and Mattias. Now that Trixie can crawl she wants to play with all Mattias' toys. The good news here is that she completely tuckered herself out with all that crawling and exploring. She fell asleep when we dropped Mattias off at school; and she was so deeply asleep that I managed to unbuckle her, carry her to and through the school building, get her back in the car, drive home and transfer her to her crib without waking her. Yay!

[photo removed]

What an outfit, no? I'm still trying to get a handle dressing a girl baby. It's a different thing than dressing boy babies. We noticed over the holidays that Trixie was more interested in her clothing gifts than Noah or Mattias were as babies. My MIL theorized the reason for this is that girl clothes are so much colorful and fun to look at. Honestly, I tried to be fun with the boys' baby clothes, but there really weren't as many options. After 6 years of limited options, it's almost overwhelming to be on the other side.


Pregnantly Plump said...

What a sweet little sleeper! Love those little cheeks.
Thought of you today. Baby Plum and I did Just Dance Kids 2, which I always put it on shuffle, our first 5 dances were in German! The next two were in French. We finally got a couple of English ones at the end, but he wasn't as into them.

idena said...

Love the cheeks! And the clothes... adorable! I think baby girl clothing has gotten even more colorful and whimsical over the past decade. Options for my daughter (now 18) when she was younger were just varied shades of pink.