Friday, January 17, 2014


Remember how I was anticipating some furniture in December? My parents packed up their 70s furniture (that I remember from MY childhood) and sent it to us. It held up to the abuses of my brothers and me. The hope is that it will also hold up to my kids.

The furniture arrived while we were in Rhode Island. My neighbors very kindly opened our garage so that shippers could forklift the crates inside. Whoa. Did you catch that? FORKLIFT. CRATES. Uncrating forklifted furniture feels a little daunting. But yesterday I was able to liberate the first (smallest) piece. Here it is:

I know, get him off that table, right?
Sometimes I think my kids and climbing are like dogs and peeing.

This table has a glass top, which is not in the photo above. The glass is recessed into the table's frame. It sits on the cross pieces on which Mattias is balancing. The glass top is almost 40 years old and it never, ever broke, although surely my brothers and I did crazy things to this table. (Don't worry: it doesn't break in this post either.)

The glass top had its own special wood crate lined with styrofoam that required unscrewing about 12 screws to open. I saved this project until Mattias was at school and Trixie was sleeping.

When Mattias came home from school, I had the glass inserted into – onto? – the table. There was a little bit of gasping: oh, wow, new table, yay! And then Mattias picked up this suction cup toy from the floor and started lifting the glass out of the table with the toy suction cup.

[photo removed]

Bang! went the glass as the suction cup released.

Tidbit: my brother (who didn't destroy the furniture 30 years ago) had given the kids these suction cup toys over Christmas. And it took the 3 year old about 2 minutes to figure how to bang the glass around. Damn it! These fancy, new-fangled toys may be the destruction of the 40 year old furniture.... (Or is it: Damn it! Theses fancy, new-fangled parenting techniques may be the destruction of the 40 year old furniture....)

I took Mattias' photo, told him he was very clever. Then told him he should never, ever do that again. And I took away the suction cup toys, just to be sure.


Pregnantly Plump said...

Funny! Baby Plum would find a way. I joke that just as people tell me, "He can't hurt it," he breaks it. It's happened. He's that child. I would remove the suction toys, too. The table looks cool, though. New furniture is very exciting!

idena said...

"2 minutes to figure how to bang the glass around." Wonder if kids today are just smarter than we ever were.

Love the look on his face.