Tuesday, December 3, 2013

the strange state of pending snow

For some reason, snow here in the metro area is always pre-empted by the smell of the cattle yards. It makes little sense, because all morning, we've watched the clouds building over the mountains to the west. By noon, the clouds have blocked out the sun above us. Yet, it is the cattle yards – which lie to the northeast, almost the opposite direction –  that we smell so distinctly in the hours before the snow begins.

Red sky at morning, shepherd take warning...
Even if you don't watch television, it's impossible not to be affected by the the drum of anticipation that comes with a sharp change in the weather. One teacher is joking about having survival meals in her car. Costco is unusually busy, and the cashier tells me that everyone is stocking up for the coming cold. I, too, feel the sudden urge to get out of the house while I still (easily) can. My last minute shopping list feels revealing: What do you need to have if three days of single digit temperatures and snow are coming?

70% Lindt chocolate bars
chocolate chips

I add "play dough" to the list while Mattias bounces up and down on the sofa. 

I think about other things I should do NOW: put gas in the car, hang up the christmas lights. Apparently, sharp changes in the weather bring out the consumer in me. 

Which reminds me of Christmas shopping and all the Christmas shopping that I have yet to do. Well, the internet should still be working, I tell myself. Best to save up my internet time for the coming days.

I confess, I can't help but roll my eyes at myself (and everyone around me), just a bit. Colder, some snow, is it really such big deal? 

No, of course not. As long as I have some chocolate bars, we'll be fine.


idena said...

I love the items on your "it's about to snow and we need to get the important things" list! Mine would be the same, other than removing diapers and adding wine.

life's a bear said...

I too would add wine :). Although I totally agree with you, I also think this totally sucks. Gah. It seems like we always have a first-week-of-December cold snap. I'm hoping it's over soon and that I have enough wine to outlast it!

Pregnantly Plump said...

So, it was 70 here today for some crazy reason. We might get a flurry on Monday, though. We're not as calm about impending snow around here. People go a little nuts, since it's so unusual. I hope the snow is pretty, and not too inconvenient.