Monday, December 9, 2013


It's still really cold here. I spent the weekend eating chocolate chip cookies and brownies to increase my already sufficient insulation. The boys were a little annoyed when they discovered the empty pan of brownies that I'd made ostensibly for them. Oh well, you snooze, you...freeze. Or how about: you snoze, you froze? No? Snoze isn't a word?

Noah and Fritz actually went skiing in this cold. They came home happy and NOT frozen, which I suppose, just goes to show all the high-tech snow gear really does work. Or that brownies are truly not necessary for survival. Fritz sent me this photo of Noah on the slope (looks almost exactly like the photos from last year. At some point we'll stop taking the same photo, or at least, get Noah some different colored ski gear):

[photo removed]

I panicked and texted Fritz back to "Cover Noah's nose! Cover his nose!"

One of the parenting books I've been reading recently says that this is about the age where boys really start to look up to their father (or other male figures). The book claimed it's really important around age 7 or 8 for boys to spend time with their dads, doing the things that their dads like to do. So I'm really happy to see Noah and Fritz head out together. Somehow, it feels like there's now a distance between Noah and me that wasn't there before. I mean: part of it is Trixie (she consumes a lot of time!) and part of it is just Noah's age. It sure does make me a little wistful. Absence makes the heart grow fonder, perhaps?

And I'm eager to join them! How long until we can put Trixie on skis? Like four years? SIGH.


Pregnantly Plump said...

I'm glad they had fun skiing! I think Bob misses skiing, being a northerner stuck down south where we say "it's freezing!" when it's about 45 degrees. I say it when it's in the 50s.
Glad you're staying warm. Brownies should definitely help keep you (and the house, from the baking!) warm.

Anonymous said...

Please tell me what book you are referring to - I need written evidence for what I am trying to tell my husband for a while...
Oh, I want to go skiing, too!

Ann Wyse said...

I've been reading "Raising a Son" by Don Elium and Jeanne Elium. I'm not quite recommending this book. I think it's written for families with more traditional American ideas about masculinity than we have around here. Therefore, it sometimes seems a little preachy. However, the parts on the transition from boy-indentifying-with-mother to boy-indentifying-with-father are interesting and helpful to me lately. And that's a decent amount of this book.

It's a good library (NOT BUY) book.

idena said...

I love how you saw the nose in that picture! Only a mom would notice it was the one bit of skin exposed.