Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Furniture Anticipation

My parents are giving us their old living room furniture: basically, tables and shelves. They bought it in the mid 70s. The furniture really looks like it's from the mid 70s. It's not terribly stylish, even in a vintage kind of way. My Dad called it "timeless." Um. I don't know...maybe not. But it is solid wood and it held up 22 years of abuse from my brothers and me. I think it could make it another 18 years in our home.

Here's the thing: we've moved a lot and we've never felt like we could invest in nice furniture: first, because we were leaving behind furniture every two years when we moved, and second, because, hello! kids destroy furniture! The furniture we have is either Ikea or it's something we inherited and managed to keep a hold of. Since moving into our house three years ago and settling in, I've felt like it might be time to get something other than Ikea Lack tables... but, you know, kids! and not wasting money! and not having a lot of money in the first place! Every year at Christmas (and my birthday, which happens to be the same day) we have these long, protracted conversations about my dream coffee table and my dream console table and my dream furniture for the living room. Nothing ever happens because 1) I can't find exactly what I want (I'm soooo picky), 2) I can't bring myself to spend money on something cheaper/less desirable that will be destroyed quickly, 3) Even given oodles of money, do I really want to risk the perfect coffee table being ruined by the kids?

We would always end up giving up. Well, someday...I console myself, it's fun to dream, right?

Truthfully, I DO like anticipation, but the lack of any potential options was becoming a real drag on the anticipation fun. When my parents offered to ship their old furniture to us, it felt like the perfect solution. Solid, reliable, dated furniture that makes me a little nostalgic. And I can finally stop fussing about not having a coffee table. And I won't have to worry about my kids destroying it! Hurray! The furniture is suppose to arrive the 20th or 23rd. Fingers crossed, thumbs pressed; NOW I am savoring the anticipation.

This is where a coffee table should be.
Nope, sorry, kiddos, that's not a coat tree.


Anonymous said...

I could offer to ship my husband - not as a coffee tabel, but to build one according to your design...after he did ours! I've been waiting for a long time, too. And it is good to not get everything new at the same time, anticipation can be nice, I agree!

Ann Wyse said...

Hmmm...Does he entertain children while working, too? ;-)

life's a bear said...

We are in the exact same situation. Our furniture is TOTALLY TRASHED, but I refuse to buy new stuff because the kids are so hard on it. When will that change, do you think? I'm stocking away money for new everything, but at this point we won't get new stuff until ... well, I don't know. And I won't even go into the condition of our walls - that I want to paint but don't dare because Lila is still a little too marker happy.

Pregnantly Plump said...

congratulations! will they be upset if you alter it to suit your style? That could be fun!

Ann Wyse said...

I think they are totally okay with alterations, which is great. I've already got some ideas about how I would like to alter it, I'm thinking it might be a year or two until I have the time, it might also be wise to just let it sit in my house and see if I have any new ideas before I dig in to changes.

Sometimes I find that things look really different when you change their context.

idena said...

We purchased our dream coffee table on my 40th birthday -- lived without one while the older children grew. That was that same week I found out I was pregnant with my 3rd child. Sigh. But the coffee table has held up well, even with the littlest child climbing all over it!