Saturday, December 28, 2013

04 μικρο-μακρο (Micro-Macro)

 Running strings across the stairwell seems to be a common game in our house. Sometimes, it's a spider web, sometimes a impromptu zip line for – for – uh, wood blocks? Someday someone is going to injure themselves on these contraptions.

[photo removed]

One of the items on the boy's Christmas list was a pulley for the outdoor playhouse. My brother, who has a machine shop, actually made them a pulley, a beautiful wood pulley from mahogany and walnut and climbing ropes.  It might be too beautiful for the playhouse. Before giving them the pulley, my brother asked me,

"Are you sure you want them to have a pulley? I can imagine Noah lifting Mattias into the air with this thing."

If you remember simple machines from physics, a pulley reduces the effort needed to lift an item. My brother's device has four pulleys, which, I THINK, means the effort to lift something is one-quarter that which would otherwise be required.

So, yes, they could lift each other.

And now that I've seen the beautifully crafted pulley that my brother made, I'm having some second thoughts about letting the boys use the pulley. Hmm.


Pregnantly Plump said...

Bob would love this for our boys. I'm the worrier, though. But I would most likely be overruled. I'm sure the boys will love it. Bob says how will they learn if they aren't allowed to do fun stuff like that? He relishes any chance to teach them real world science lessons.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I'd take it if you don't want it - it would be perfect for our walnut tree ;)