Friday, August 16, 2013

Things I Plan to do when School Starts

or To Do with a Mere One Child in My Care
  • Paint the trim in the main living area. It's still nicotine white. My aunt and uncle think it looks nice with a little bit of contrast (pure white walls and nicotine white trim), but here's where my minimalist tendencies emerge: No. Everything. Must. Be. Ultra. Pure. White. Also, after we started calling it nicotine white, there was nothing left to do but try to eradicate every bit of it from our house. 
  • Refinish the dining chairs. I stopped that project last year when I found out I was pregnant.  I was worried about the possibility that the chairs had (perhaps, maybe, at some point) been finished with lead paint. Although, I will confess, these Stockholm chairs from Ikea have me dreaming about just buying new chairs. I think they're a simplified knockoff of the Mantis Chair by Craig Bassam. Sadly, I could never really justify the price of the Mantis, as beautiful as it is – and it is beautiful!
  • Finish some kitchen backsplash details. I need to do some caulking and painting. Hopefully that will put me at peace with the backsplash tile project. I'll post about the tile project. As soon as I stop my indulgent backsplash sulking. 
  • Add that to my list: post about the backsplash.
  • Plant some more tulip and lilies. I love tulips and lilies. I planted about 24 tulips at some point. I don't know what I was thinking. I want, like, 300 flowers, not 24. The goal is to grow enough to have fresh cut bouquets in the spring.
  • Clean my desk. My desk is the always the last spot in the whole house to be cleaned/organized. And yes, I do believe there's all sort of symbolic meaning in that.  
  • Transplant some houseplants. Several succulents have outgrown their containers. The Ming Aralia is looking like a whole new plant having spent the summer outside, but it's going to need some adjustment before I bring it back inside.


Katie said...

I seem to have a growing list that sounds similar to yours. I also dug up about 50 peony-tulip bulbs that have been spreading over the last two years. I'll gladly share, as I don't plan on replanting all of them.

Ann Wyse said...

Oh, thank you, Katie! I would love some peony-tulips!

Pregnantly Plump said...

Those chairs are cool! I hope you're able to get to your projects. I'm sorry you weren't happy with your backsplash. We loved ours when we first put it in, but recently, I've been wondering if I made a mistake... And I love tulips, too! How I wish we had married in April.