Thursday, August 8, 2013

Our "Exceedingly Successful" Porch Planters

Or so Fritz describes them. The sunflower-like plants turned out to be bright orange zinnias.

I think his version of success coincides with height and fullness. Tall plants, lots of plants (alive) = success. The zinnias must be about 30 inches tall and we have no less than 6 different living plant species in each planter.

What do you think? Are there other "successes" can I reuse from Fritz's Mystery Seed Mix Experiment in 2014?

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Pregnantly Plump said...

I like them. But I really like orange. We had some surprise lilies pop up in a bed last week. They were purple and super tall. We don't remember planting them. My grandmother said she had the same thing happen several years ago. She called them surprise lilies. We both believe we probably planted them and then forgot about them.