Monday, August 12, 2013

Ikea Hip

Our visitors from Austin brought us a scoby for Kombucha. With much excitement, we finished our first successful batch this weekend. Just in time, too. Because Kombucha made the front cover of the Ikea catalog.

[photo removed]

Well, yes, it could be some sort of other home brew. And it's pretty understated in the photo (bottom row of shelves). But we like to think that now, we are at least as hip as Ikea.


Amanda Meyer said...

Dan is crazy for kombucha and has made his own as well. He just said to me, "Ask them to send me their mother when they're done with it." I'm assuming that makes sense to you and it's not as wacko as it sounds.

Ann Wyse said...

Oh! Maybe we need to set up a Mother Exchange. ;-)