Saturday, August 31, 2013


Earlier this summer when Oma visited, she brought along with her a circus theme. There were circus toys and circus paintings and circus books.

It reminded us of the ZoppĂ© Circus which we saw three years ago in Winter Park. They are a small, family-oriented, european style, traveling one-ring circus. The tent only seats 500 people, so you really have the feeling that you are right in the middle of the performance.

And the performers feel real, NOT like super heros and magicians. It's the perfect circus for little kids (with only a couple of adult innuendoes that go right over little heads).

We really enjoyed them three years ago; we thought we would try to go again this year. This weekend is the weekend they're in Winter Park, so off we went.

[photo removed]

I do believe this is the closest that we got to a family vacation this summer. And we did it one week after school started. But it was definitely still worth it. This is one of my favorite events with kids. (Even Trixie! You can't see her well in the photo above, but she's sitting in my lap, awake for the whole thing.) We're already planning for next year.

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