Wednesday, June 26, 2013


Somebody left a comment a few weeks ago declaring my blog as worthless without photos. Hmm, well, considering I'm paid nothing for this blog, it IS more or less is worthless, regardless of the photos!

That comment is not The Honey that's going to make me decide to repost - or even email - photos. And as someone who has professional degrees in a design field, I'm not really inclined to just GIVE AWAY my critical thinking when it come to spatial problem solving. That's not arrogant. It's just practical, based on the realities of our society. I don't have to be practical; I'm often NOT practical. There are a slew of clever ideas already on this blog. But as long as this blog remains WORTHLESS, it's entirely my prerogative whether or not I give anything away.

Do you feel like I just stuck my tongue out? Well, I kind of did. I'm not apologizing. I'm glad you are reading, but me-following-my-prerogative is part of the Reader-Blogger Deal, you know?

At the height of my blogging (12-14 posts a month) I would estimate my time and effort on this blog to be about the equivalent of one thousand (worthless) dollars a month. The anonymous commentor should feel free to pay me this amount; I'll repost the photos and continue my blogging.


One of the problems with NOT blogging is that the longer I'm away the more lost I am as to where to begin (again).

Some large part of me wasn't really sure that I would I begin again. If you read Mommyblogs much, than surely you already know the post: should I keep blogging? Why? Are the disadvantages and dangers beginning to outweigh the fun?

Instead of trying to answer these questions I distract myself by thinking about the meta questions. I get dramatic. What does one call this?

I'm having a blogistential crisis, I suppose.


I imagine this blog abandoned, the thoughts drifting on the internet, completely untended but still accessible to anyone. It would be a...ghostblog! (In my mind, a ghostblog is more like the definition of ghosttown as opposed to a ghostwriter.)


Perhaps I will kill this blog and simply delete everything at once. <<Click, Click>> Gone! Just being practical.


There's a new baby in our house. Remember? 

"Tüchtiges Kind!" My mother-in-law exclaims. 

I had to look up tüchtiges in an online translator. I got: proficient, capable, competent, skilled, large. Yes. Trixie started smiling at about 4 weeks, she responsively stuck out her tongue on day four, she's started making little breathy gasps in reply when you talk to her, she holds her head up like this when we do tummy time: 

[photo removed]

So, yes, Trixie is fairly skilled, most likely competent, and probably capable of more than her young age would lead you to believe. (Add a wink here.) At 6 weeks, she weighed 13 pounds. That IS large!  Tüchtiges Kind.  These things, I'm pretty sure, are the things my MIL was talking about when she said Tüchtiges Kind! But I feel like this might be the thing Trixie's really proficient at:

[photo of Trixie crying]

Ugh. I think... I think it's the crying that does me in when it comes to babies. If it weren't for the crying, maybe I'd be a baby person. 

I am so, so, so NOT a baby person. But I've got this stay at home mothering thing down. I'm pretty good at mothering. I've seen the nannies and the daycares. I've got a 6 year and 3 year as references. I'd estimate my mothering these days to be about TEN thousand (worthless) dollars a month. Which is why, when something has to give, it's the worthless blog as opposed to the worthless mothering.


Why, oh why, is Google Reader going away? I've been checking out the alternatives, but none of them seem as simple or as well integrated with Blogger. I resent the fancy readers that tell me which exceedingly popular, commercialized blog I would enjoy. Obviously, I'm having a difficult time with this pending change. On my less good days, I pout and say, "Well, if there's no Reader, I'm just going to stop blogging, because why use Blogger if I can't use Reader? and UGH! I really don't feel like converting to a whole new platform!"

This blogging thing isn't suppose to be so complex.


Pregnantly Plump said...

She's so cute! And I'm sorry about the crying. It is hard. The crying is hard.
And I feel like I'm supposed to put up pictures when posting. Which is why I'm not. I'm not on my computer much, and I can't do pictures from Bob's computer. I have thoughts, but no pictures. So, I don't write.
I'm also a Google Reader fan. It's my third reader that's gone caput. I read some stuff, and feedly seemed to be the easiest, and most google reader-esque. I'm using google reader until the very end, though.
Hope everything is ok for you guys up there!

Meyers said...

So happy to have you back! Please don't stop blogging!

I'm 100% on board with you on the crying. Why do people give us strange looks when we say we really don't like babies (even our own!). All that crying for hours on end is enough to send you to the loony bin. I think the reason it frustrates me the most is because I'm a "fixer" - there MUST be a solution to every problem. You can't solve babies (at least not in my experience).

And happy anniversary, by the way!

twisterfish said...

Welcome back! I've been checking every few days for a new post ... because I don't use a reader and I consider it brain exercise to type in the links to my favorite blogs every couple days. Glad you're back. Please stay... don't stop!
As for the crying, I'm one of those people that thinks I can take a crying baby and rock them and hush them and bounce them to silent happiness. It's not true. But I try.

Anonymous said...

You're baaack! Whooppee. I too have been checking a couple times a week and keeping my fingers crossed that life with Trixie would soon settle down enough to give you mental and temporal space for thinking and writing.

I want to respond with some thoughts about "worth." It is so sad and even sick that we judge "worth" in terms of dollars. Our society has indoctrinated us so thoroughly and insidiously in this regard that we don't even realize how it is drying up our souls, sucking out the juices of joy we once gleaned from the fabric of our daily activities. I can tell from what you say that you know in your heart that your mothering is so worthwhile that it can't be pinned down with some finite measurement of value, yet somehow we try to prove it (and all worthwhile activities) are valuable by attaching stupid monetary amounts to them. It seems the best way to determine worth is what GOOD comes from that enterprise, not what monetary compensation comes forward in response to it. The money, when it comes, is FROSTING. (Hmmm, sometimes frosting overwhelms and ruins the delicious flavor of the cake.) As far as blogging, only you can decide for yourself if good is coming from it, and it is therefore worthwhile. (But I still hope you will continue.)

As for Trixie - she is Baby Extraordinaire. All that fussing is getting her ready to be a person who knows who she is, what she likes, and how to make herself heard! Bravo, Trixie. (But give Mommy a break once in a while!)

Welcome back!

Introduction to Media & Culture said...

I'm glad to read your words again :).

Anonymous said...

So happy to read from you again, and thanks for posting such sweet pictures as well. I think 'tüchtig' can be translated with that exclamation 'goooood girrrrl' that I've heard so many times when babies do somethings special...

Amanda Meyer said...

Found a possible solution for you your Google Reader problem...