Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Low Pressure Seque

It's Tuesday again. It's snowing again. My body can tell you that the barometric pressure has dropped again.

As long as I'm sitting here trying NOT to go into labor, I'll tell you why:

[photo removed]

Oops. That was Noah's art on display. I forgot about the opening art event because it was the end of the day and I just wanted to sit with my feet up. So the art opening just slipped right out of my brain. (I'm totally self-absorbed right now. It's true. I am.) We made it down to see the art the day after the opening. But we didn't avoid lots of tears at bedtime on the day I forgot. Poor Noah cried himself to sleep. Needless to say, I'm still feeling all sorts of guilt. Noah's got another event coming up this week and now I feel like I MUST HOLD THIS BABY IN until AFTER the second event. Can. Not. Miss. Another. Event.

So, the strategy to keep Trixie IN involves not moving until after the event. And folding lots of moravian stars from my collection of retro wallpaper. I thought maybe I can make them into a mobile?

The boys want to help make the mobile, but the origami folding is a little over their heads. They are further frustrated when I tell them that we'll need to build a structure to support the stars. And hmmm... I think we'll need to wait just a bit on that part.... Noah decides to take matters into his own hands:

Taking matters into your own hands seems to be a common theme. Below, the boys are practicing the drive to the hospital. I do think I've made it clear that they will not be coming to the hospital with me. Still, here they are, practicing driving the sofa-turned-car:

[photo removed]

I hope I look as alert as Noah on the way to the hospital.


Katie said...

Oh my, that last pick has me smiling. They are going to be the best big brothers. (after thursday!)

Pregnantly Plump said...

Little Elvis would be doing the same thing about us missing an event. Maybe it's a first born thing? Here recently I just think it's a Little Elvis is very sensitive thing. I'm glad the art was still on display.
The origami looks very pretty!

Anonymous said...

Let me know if you run out of paper. I bought a set and wanted to make some stars for Christmas with the girls. Too difficult, even for me as a grown up.

twisterfish said...

Such good big brothers!
When my 3rd was born I missed so many things with my other two... including meeting the school bus at drop off a few times. They got over it and don't even remember it now.