Saturday, April 27, 2013

Labor-ish. Patience.

Well, here it is...40 weeks and I have no Big news to report. Still pregnant.

Wednesday morning was really rough: by that I mean, sporadic contractions and lots of pressure. There was so much pressure on my pelvis that I couldn't walk. This is a new-in-pregnancy phenomenon to me. I didn't experience that with either of the boys until I was really, truly IN LABOR with regular contractions.

So, what happened next is anyone's guess. I went into the doctor's office where they confirmed I was both dilating and effacing. (Can I use those as verbs?) It seemed to me that surely we were 24-48 hours away from birth. But I will confide that I kept thinking Wednesday was a really bad day to be in labor. There were a heftier amount of pickups and drop-offs and activities scheduled for the boys. It just wasn't convenient. I had already called Fritz to come home and manage it all for me. The thought of Fritz going to the hospital with me – and me asking someone else to manage all the activities – or should I just cancel them? – was making me feel anxious and nervous. Around noon, I took a shower and every labor-ish symptom stopped. Then I napped and nothing since then.

I think this shower method is particularly interesting! Showers do seem to have 1 of 2 effects on me: either end labor-like symptoms or accelerate labor-like symptoms. Both of my "accelerate" examples would be from Noah and Mattias, so I can hardly pretend this is some sort of tried and true methodology. Nonetheless I'm awfully thankful that so far it's been as decisive a methodology as it has been. It's no fun being labor-ish. Uck.

And taking showers before bed? Also very helpful. I really am sleeping at night much better, much later in my pregnancy than I ever have before.

(I have some small degree of guilt about all the water that I'm wasting with all this showering. Water is such an issue in the American West that using it carefully is always in the back of my mind. Denver Water keeps reminding us we're in Stage 2 drought. But then, I think about all the snow we've had in the last few weeks, and how obnoxiously inconvenient it was, and – somewhat irrationally – I feel a little less bad.)

On Thursday evening, I got to watch Noah perform in a concert. It was pure joy. I was so happy to be there. Since then I've maintained an almost euphoric state of mind. I keep thinking about my gratitude as though I've made some sort of bargain. I'm so lucky to have seen Noah's performance; Trixie can come whenever she wants. No pressure, baby, take your time.

The weather is finally gorgeous. I walked around the neighborhood for about two hours on Friday; I was always joined by a walking companion, lest I was suddenly in labor. But nothing. I'm so, so done with that sitting-on-the-couch-stuff-with-my-feet-up-stuff.

It's funny the way my attitude about this pregnancy has fluctuated over the past week. I've experienced everything from Ugh, I'm done! to Just a little bit longer, please! to the current Okay, whenever; I'm patiently ready.


Pregnantly Plump said...

That's great that you got to watch Noah's performance! I don't think I was patient near the end with any of mine.
And that's wonderful about the weather. Baths helped me near the end, but I had big problems getting out of the tub!
Little Elvis was born on a Sunday, and that was a good day I thought. So maybe it will be tomorrow.

twisterfish said...

You walked around your neighborhood for 2 HOURS???? Amazing! With each of my pregnancies by 30 weeks I was lucky if I could walk across the room. Yet my doctors would always suggest long walks. It just wasn't possible for me.

Introduction to Media & Culture said...

Hopefully you've met Trixie by now! It's so nice that you have entered a state of peace. The one (and only) thing I loved about the end of pregnancy was that it seems to be the one last true surprise of life - the one thing that we simply cannot control. The baby will come when the baby is ready. And now matter how frustrating not having that control was, it was nice to have the surprise of labor. Good luck, mama!