Tuesday, April 9, 2013

just chatter

We're having a snow day here in Denver.

I don't think anybody really needs a snow day in April.

I'm 37.5 weeks. I'm plateaued at comfortable in my uncomfortableness. But.

What would be ideal would be some grandparents next door to whom I could send two house-bound-crazed boys for an overnight so that I can pick up the freaking house.

The house is a mess - more than a mess - it's unclean to boot. Picking up needs to happen, cleaning really needs to happen. I'm getting stressed about bringing a baby home to the mess and dirt, stressed about how it's going to get clean in time for the coming house guests after the baby is born, and stressed about how oblivious Fritz seems to the mess/dirt.

A few weeks ago I had this idea that Trixie might make an early appearance. I'm feeling less that way now. My prediction is that she'll be born around the 25th of April, about 2 days ahead of schedule. I not-so-secretly believe I have control over the whole matter. If I aggressively attempted to clean house, she'd come earlier. If I sit here, with my feet up, and let the boys tear apart the basement (that's what we are doing right now), then Trixie will stay put a little longer.

What to do, what to do?

Other than the cleanliness of the house, there are some other things that I've wanted to see happen before Trixie's arrival:

1. Birthdays for the boys
2. Easter
3. See my uncle get out of the hospital. He's been going through chemotherapy and, most recently, a bone marrow transplant (BMT) as part of his lymphoma treatment. Yesterday, his white blood cell count started to rise, meaning that the BMT is working. Another few days of good news, and he might be home by the weekend. Fingers crossed.
4. Fritz's birthday
5. Move the crib upstairs into the bedroom. This is such a simple thing, and I can't do it myself anymore, and and and... how many times do I need to mention it to Fritz? I don't know why he hasn't done it. I think he feels like, it will take two minutes, so why do it now? And I feel like, I NEED the crib in the bedroom for my sense of mental organization NOW.

The last three items on this list might all be crossed off by the 15th.

But the messy/dirty house? Probably not.


Sara Struckman said...

The homestretch was the hardest for me. I cleaned and cleaned with hopes that both of my kids would come early (or at least on time). Alas, they both came a few days after my cleaning frenzy when the house was a mess again.

What is it about men anyway!?!

This snow day is about the last thing I needed today. I do have the luxury of a neighbor who is taking my kids for a few hours so I can get some work done. But then I'm taking her kids in the afternoon. I don't even want to think about the mess.

twisterfish said...

Can you/would you hire a maid for a one-time cleaning? I did that for my 3rd pregnancy and it was money well spent. I just couldn't do what needed to be done, and it felt so good to have everything clean before baby arrived.
Good luck with these last few weeks!!!!

Ann Wyse said...

I'm thinking I might hire someone, Twisterfish! But first I'll need to get it picked up so they can do their work.

Pregnantly Plump said...

That stinks about the snow. And it's understandable about the need for the crib to be in place. Maybe you can blame the nesting instinct. The night before Cheese Puff was born, I called my dad to come over and sit with the boys and got stuff ready. Bob stayed in his PJs and seemed shocked when I said he had to go with me to the hospital. I think he thought it was another false alarm. But he kind of frustrated me. Why would I want my dad to go with me to the hospital?