Tuesday, April 30, 2013

40+3 and a little more

Still pregnant!

Here's the odd part: Trixie has now outlasted both her brothers for time in utero. (Noah: 40+3 and Mattias 40+1) What!? That's not supposed to happen with the third pregnancy!

Three days "late" is not so much "late," and really, I still feel pretty relaxed about it.

At the same time, it would be dishonest to overly sugarcoat this experience. I'm very swollen, I'm very tired, and I'm operating at about 50% of my normal capacity. All sorts of body parts ache, even my tummy button. There are about 2 outfits I can wear because of my size and because of the warmer weather. One positive result, I'm TOTALLY on top of the laundry around here.

I'm weary after twice thinking - THIS IS IT! - and then being disappointed. I'm also feeling a little sheepish about my friends and neighbors who are On Call to help take care of the boys when the time comes. I feel like I'm holding them captive. I worry that they didn't sign on for such a long haul.

I'm answering a lot phone calls with,  "No, no, not yet." Or, "Still pregnant!"

It's okay, really. You're excited. I'm excited, too. I don't really mind the questions, I just wish I had something more interesting or witty or new to say about it!

I've been reading some lists about how to handle it when you go over 40 weeks. One website suggested booking fun activities for three days in advance. This sounds like a horrible idea to me, but I understand how it might seem like a good idea depending on your disposition. I'm of the disposition that being booked with activities for three days would be completely stress-inducing. (Maybe the author thought all that stress would induce labor??) Well, no, thank you, anyway!

What I would like to do the most is take some more really long walks. I believe in long walks as a labor inducer. I believe both Noah and Mattias arrived via the encouragement of this methodology. But, you know, the boys are being kind of problematic about walks. I'm sorry to say, that for this kind of purposeful walking, they're not very good walking companions. They get bored. They want a destination. They stop and start a lot. They either dawdle or run ahead without caution. They want to go home. Or to the playground. Etc. Gone are the days when I can just sit them in stroller and walk. Noah won't even be bribed into our bike trailer (which is a double with a strolling option) anymore. I suspect he's too big for it anyway, but I can't get confirmation because he's so adamant about Not Getting Inside. That leaves coordinating walks with someone to watch the boys. I'm only managing longish walks about every other day. And they're not really as long as I would like (2 hours +).

Being pregnant with pre-existing children is such a fundamentally different experience. In a lot of ways, it's wonderfully distracting. I'm sure the boys are the reason that I'm as chill as I am being "late." At the same time, they have their schedules to be juggled, and I am STILL having trouble with the prospect of handing it off when I go into labor. I'm going to, yes... but I'm anticipating some degree of chaos. I don't know how people with 3, 4, and more children do it. Maybe it gets easier the older the kids are? Noah is only semi-aware of his own scheduling. Mattias is clueless.

According to the weather, there's more SNOW bearing down on Colorado for tomorrow. I am so sick of the snow! But this time, maybe that low barometric pressure will finally tip the scale on labor. We shall see. At least I'll have more wardrobe options again. See? I'm determined to find some sort of silver lining in the snow....


Therese said...

And you can't really relax, either. Because something HUGE is about to come down the pipe (HA! sorry) and you don't know when. Am I wasting time putting on my pajamas cuz my water is going to break all over them? Can I plan to go out tonight? Anyway...please blog from the hospital! I know that will be the TOP of your priority list.

Simply Bike said...

I have no advice and no words of wisdom. All I can say is that I went 10 days past my due date (!!) and entered a whole new month (incredibly demoralizing when I thought I'd have a baby in July and we started August and I was STILL pregnant), so I hear you! I also really liked long walks at that point. The waiting was really frustrating to me, I don't know if I handled it as graciously as you are. So hang in there, walk as much as you can, and hopefully we'll all get to meet Trixie soon!

Pregnantly Plump said...

I can't really sympathize, but I was 4 days late, and was born in late summer in Mississippi. It seems like you're kind of relaxed, at least as relaxed as possible. I had a hard time handing things over as well. I laid out clothes for the boys the first day, but Bob was on his own for the second day of my hospital stay. He put Little Elvis in jeans that were way too big. He came to visit me in the hospital with the waistband zip tied so it wouldn't fall down. The teacher later told me it was the best idea they could come up with that morning. I know Bob was frustrated, because I noticed LE had on the wrong pair of jeans immediately.
I hope you got to take a nice long walk before the snow arrived.

Ann Wyse said...

Simply Bike - Having just jumped the month (SIGH!), I can't imagine 10 days, but I'm trying to prepare myself.

Anonymous said...

Our fourth one just knew when the timing was right - older siblings asleep, Dad just back from his business trip, weekend ahead. So it was pretty relaxed for all of us in terms of organizing schedules for the following school days.
I am pretty sure Trixie has the same instincts and things will work out perfectly.
Thinking about you a lot, but I will not call (unless you want me to)