Thursday, March 21, 2013


This is typical. They push their chairs next to each other and begin a game of who can be sillier. Lately, Mattias is always the goofiest. Perhaps Mattias is less inhibited about doing something rude, like, say, letting his chewed cracker crumbs fall out of his mouth, if only to make his older brother laugh harder.

I'm glad they like each other so much; I'm glad they get along together as well as they do. Their birthdays fall within days of each other. When I asked if they would like a joint birthday party at a venue this year (because I'm pregnant! I'm tired! I can't do two parties!), they jumped up and down at the prospect.

They are three years apart and together they act their average age of 4 and a half years. Sometimes it's easy to forget how old Noah is.

This week Noah spent 2 days home from school with strep. One of the mornings was Mattias's morning program. So it was Noah and I - just the two of us - for a few rare hours of togetherness. Noah's becoming so organized and so self-sufficient! He performs all sorts of independent tasks that I don't even notice when I'm out and about with both boys. For example, Noah opens the car door, closes the car door, and buckles his seat belt ALL BY HIMSELF. It's like running errands with a friend instead of a child! Amazing! I'm so busy helping Mattias (normally) that I don't even notice these things. Or last night, Fritz asked Noah to clean up and he did. He just cleaned up. No reminders, no encouragement, no oversight. When did this grown up child emerge?!?

But then, let's not get too excited about being self-sufficient and organized: there's still the average age and the game at the table. The cracker crumbs falling everywhere just because it's SOOO funny to let them fall out of your mouth. Which brother will giggle harder? Which one will careen out his chair first from spasms of laughter? And for us: which parent will be the first to remind them where the boundaries are? We exchange glances, because neither of us wants to be the bad guy and neither of us really wants the laughter to stop. It's not surprising that Mattias is developing into a mischievous sort; we the parents are culpable.


Pregnantly Plump said...

That's great that they like each other, and have such a great time together! And the self-sufficiency is great, especially with three!

Therese said...

Every little peek of your life you put on here looks and sounds like a magazine layout. I love it so much.

twisterfish said...

Cracker crumbs on the floor are a small price to pay for a life long friendship. And listening to children laugh like that is good for us as well. I'm sure of it.

P.S. I, too, think many of your pics look like a magazine layout!