Sunday, March 3, 2013


I think the third trimester is starting to catch up with me. Until last week, I've been in a patch of feeling pretty good physically. But this week, I've hit a wall as I try to adjust (again) to the physical aspects of my pregnant body. At 32 weeks, my weight is the same now as it was at 40 weeks and 2 days with Noah. I can't imagine lugging around any more than I am. Remember the Venus (or Woman) of Willendorf from Art History 101? She's stopped looking exaggerated and started to look just about normal. Recent art historians think she might have been a self portrait as opposed to some sort of male idealization? - I totally get it.

And I'm doing a fair amount of lugging. It was a lot easier to be pregnant the first time around. I think I went swimming fairly often during my third trimester with Noah to relieve the weightiness - and maybe even a couple of times when I was pregnant with Mattias. But the thought of going swimming, (Noah and Mattias and) Trixie-pregnant me sounds more overwhelming than relaxing. Nowadays, I'm not just lugging Trixie, I'm occasionally, literally, lugging Mattias, who will throw a tantrum and lay down in the middle of a puddle if he's asked to walk further than convenient. And I'm at least figuratively lugging Noah, who walks by himself, but still needs to be watched, lest he step out in front of car in the parking lot, or whatnot. Minimally, I lug twice a day, doing the school drop off/pick up with Noah. But it can easily be more than that if we have errands to run or if we were to, GULP, go swimming....

This week, I found myself setting a wet Mattias on my shelf of a belly (which conveniently pushes Trixie's foot out from under my rib), and then craning my neck around Mattias to keep an eye on Noah as he climbed over snow piles in the parking lot. Oh, please, I thought, Please, don't make me need to follow him over that snow! I try to see it as comedy. I'm not a stroller person, because I dislike the fussiness of a stroller, but something is going to have to change to get through the next seven weeks. Strapping Mattias in the stroller might be a partial answer to kid-lugging. Then I guess I'll be lugging around a stroller through the snow piles instead. (But the piles are melting. Maybe they'll be gone by Monday. One can hope.)

Complicating the physical aspects of lugging all of us around lately has been a series of mild viruses. There's been some missed school, some missed child-care, a generally higher level of whininess/clinginess, and more child night-waking than I would like.

I've never envied my friends who've been put on bed rest during their pregnancies. Until now. Bed rest sounds kind of nice. But here's what I tell myself: all this lugging is good for you. All this physical activity is good, it's exercise, it's keeping you healthy during pregnancy - all the doctor's number confirm this - just keep doing what you're doing. It's working out perfectly! Who knows what would happen if you ACTUALLY went on bed rest. You might just feel LESS good. Just make sure you put your feet UP when you sit DOWN. Or chop off your feet while you're ahead. Like the Venus (Woman) of Willendorf.

The third-third trimester is looking like a mental game.


Pregnantly Plump said...

Late pregnancy is a miserable time. I understand. With my second two pregnancies, I was so nervous about my older sons feeling jealous or neglected that I would lug them around just to "make it up" to them. That was my rationale at the time. It doesn't make sense now. And lugging those big, heavy boys and my belly was not fun. I hope your snow does melt. Could you do a wagon? Mine won't stay in a wagon, but it looks like other children are great at it.

Ann Wyse said...

That's really interesting, Pregnantly Plump: I wonder if I'm (also) lugging Mattias to "make it up" to him. Definitely possible!

Therese said...

Anticipate "negative pleasure"...that wonderful feeling when pain or discomfort stops. I mean, not right away. You'll of course feel like crap right after giving birth. And for several months after, sure. But soon...some day, you'll wake up and realize they've all gone to college and you're not 'lugging' anymore!