Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Mother. Dresser. Trixie.

Fritz was out of town on business last week. My mother flew in from New England to help keep me sane over the long President's Day weekend. Really, she did so much more than keep me sane. I was so happy to have her around. Sometimes I don't know how I manage to function at all without my mother nearby. She has a graceful, patient and insightful way of helping me in just the right way at just the right time. We also had long late night conversations, just the two of us. The boys spent lots of time playing and cooking and reading with her. We all felt completely nurtured by her presence. Ah, the art of nurturing! Sometimes I forget about it. It's both humbling and empowering to be the receipient of nurture. I always feel inspired and determined to be a better parent by my mother's visits.


One of the little projects we attempted to accomplish while my mother was here was finding a dresser for the baby. A simple project, one would think. When Mattias was born, I got a three drawer Hemnes dresser from Ikea for him. I'm not very happy with it. At all. The bottoms of the drawers are masonite. The masonite EASILY slips out of the supporting slots and bends under the weight of not-very-many clothes. Then the drawers don't close or open. It's obnoxious. I'm testing a couple of different fixes including glue and midpoint supports (we'll see how they hold up), but on principle, I don't think I should have to fix a piece of furniture that is less than three years old. Also, I would like to buy a dresser that lasts 18 years, not 3 or 5 or even 10. In 3 or 5 or 10 years, I have OTHER things I want to spend money on. Not another dumb dresser.

So, we went shopping both in thrift stores and "new" stores. I've also been stalking craigslist for about 3 weeks.  Every single dresser in my price range that agrees with my aesthetic sensibilities is a disappointment. The newer ones are ALL masonite bottoms, although sometimes they try to fake you out by laminating the masonite with a wood veneer. And by the way, I've opened so many dresser drawers that I can HEAR the sound of masonite when I open the offending drawer. Now there's a useful skill! Almost all the older dressers we found had real wood bottoms (yay!), but they also had really crappy sliding mechanisms on the drawers. I've got two older kids; I can't really risk dressers falling over because drawers are ill-fitting or ill-pulling. I also can't eliminate the possibility that kids are going to open the drawers and try to climb them, etc.

The crappy quality of the newer dressers is really getting to me. I suppose I don't have enough to think about or I'm simply too damn picky. (Pickiness seems to be a common theme during this pregnancy.) At night I find myself obsessively dreaming about dressers, as though I can de-McKinsey the world of dresser manufacturing, if I just put enough brain hours into it.


Noah has decided the baby's name is Trixie. Everyone asks where he got Trixie from. There are two possibilities: 1) from the character in the German language version of The Octonauts (in putting together this post, I learned her name is Tweak in the English language version) or 2) from Mo Willem's Knuffle Bunny series character. I like one possibility more than the other. Noah will cite either source without a discernible pattern, so maybe the answer is a little of both.

Fritz and I are not really keen on the name Trixie, but Noah is SOOO adamant about the name, that I've decided to honor his wishes by keeping it for this blog. Third child: Trixie, for the blog. Named by Noah.


Katie said...

1. The cost of a new, good quality dresser is purely outrageous. We've been looking for Theo's room and I found two that I'm in love with but can't afford. Alas. 2. Mama's are a good thing, especially to grandchildren. And now I want a snickerdoodle. 3. Trixie. Love it! When a dear friend of mine was pregnant with her second, her first-born would call the baby Poppy. Poppy is now six, vibrant, fantastic!

Pregnantly Plump said...

I'm just starting to think about finding new chests for the boys. By new, I mean old. I'm worried if you can't find any good ones. I assume your craigslist is way more active than ours. But people hold onto old furniture a lot down here.
Trixie seems like a nice blog name. One of my friends sons wanted her to name her baby Genghis Connie. I thought that was pretty cute.
Glad you got to spend time with your mom. I know that was great for everyone.

Anonymous said...

I wish I could send you a Hülsta dresser. I searched online, but could not find a dealer in the States...did you come across that brand in Germany?
I went through similar challenges - for my forth child, I finally wanted a 'real' dresser. I ended up getting a sturdy low book shelf system and put the clothes in baskets. Now he has it for toys and such. Good luck!

twisterfish said...

Love the name Trixie! And immediately thought of Knuffle Bunny when I read the name in the post.