Thursday, February 7, 2013

Magnetic Primer, Round Two

Every now and then, somebody emails about how the magnetic primer project from last year turned out. I don't have a stellar review to give, but just to answer your questions:

  • I used Rust-Oleum Magnetic Primer, because it was easily available at Home Depot. 
  • Realistically, I covered two areas of about 10 square feet. That's a total of 20 square feet. I used an entire 30 oz container. (That means I used about 1.5X the amount that the instructions claim you need.)
  • Our walls are texturized. (YUCK! Never have texturized walls with kids if you can help it!) That may explain why I needed more primer than predicted.
  • After applying 4-6 layers of primer, I went over it with our original wall color. It took about 2-3 layers of white paint to go over all that dark magnetic primer. 
  • The number of layers of magnetic primer were determined by the does-this-magnet-stick-and-hold-yet? method.

  • Most of the magnets holding up the artwork above are half inch round rare earth magnets. Also available at my closest Home Depot. Lighter/cheaper magnets will stay on the wall, but will NOT hold up artwork.
  • The magnetic letters are from Melissa and Doug (wood) and Really Good Stuff's EZ Read Soft Touch Letters (foam). Both of these letters are entirely magnetic on the back. We use them a lot. 
  • Now that I know how much we use the letters, I would just skip the Melissa and Doug and buy the Really Good Stuff letters. There are more RGS letters for the money, and you can focus on just lowercase letters. (My mother, the reading specialist, got the RGS letters for us.)
  • Those little plastic letters with a tiny little magnets in the back never stayed on the wall. 

This room is our informal family room space. It usually looks pretty chaotic. When a magnet slips on the wall and artwork is left hanging crooked, I'm okay with it. But if you are looking for a precision system of temporarily attaching things to the wall, I think you'd be frustrated by the magnetic primer. Also, the rare earth magnets aren't cheap.

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Anonymous said...

I love this room - at least the pictures I have seen made me think that you mastered the balance between giving children space and still installing things in a way that makes the room look organized. I have always failed at that task, so we might have to hire you some time....