Friday, February 1, 2013

Friday Mishmash

I've decided I'm not as good at reading blogs when I'm posting every other day. I'm still reading - but I'm not commenting or thinking about what I'm reading quite as much.

I miss that.


I'm experiencing a very strong nesting instinct lately. I have a list of about 20 things I want to do to the house. Every other time I've been pregnant, we've moved shortly after the birth (1 month after Noah was born and 6 months after Mattias was born). Both Noah and Mattias were born while we were living in rentals. So I've never much given in to my nesting instinct before. It always seemed like a waste. This time, I feel differently, seeing as we are living in this, our own house, indefinitely. But I'm really having trouble prioritizing what I should do given limited time and resources.

I'm coming up on the third trimester. I'm thinking how I've been – sort of...indifferent? – about this pregnancy. Maybe giving into my nesting instincts is just what I need.


Okay: some Friday distraction. Have you heard about the smog in Bejing? Fritz sent me this article from der Spiegel. If you follow the link (the article is in German) scroll down a bit to see the interesting part: they took photos of the same scene, one without the smog, one with the smog, and then put a little slider over the top, so you can see the same scene both ways. Yuck. Serious yuck. It's Bejing - but it's all going into the same pot of Air Here On Earth. Yuck again. I think I'm going to show it to Noah, but I still need to think a little bit about my lesson plan and purpose in showing him.

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