Monday, February 11, 2013

Dried Fruit

We love dried fruit around our house. The boys and I make it together weekly with fresh fruit purchased in bulk. It feels like one of those time-consuming stay at home mom activities for which I feel a little guilty and indulgent. The last few years, we've given dried fruit away as gifts at Christmas-time.

It's nice to have dried fruit without all the extra sugar in commercially acquired dried fruit. I love the chewiness. And I love cutting the fruit. All that chopping is somehow therapeutic. My aunt gave us this food dehydrator about two years ago. I think they were popular in the 90s?

Our favorite fruits for drying are strawberry, champagne mango (other mangos are never as good), kiwi, and persimmon. With the exception of the mango, all these fruits look really cool when cut laterally. That's another advantage of making your own dried fruit: you can control it's size and appearance. Also: the smell when the fruits are being dehydrated – wonderful.


Therese said...

OMG those little candy jars! Is that what you put them in? That is brilliant and beautiful. And I know very well I'll be stuffing mine into ziplock's this summer just like last year. But I'm so glad SOMEONE out there is drying fruit with panache.

Dan and Amanda Meyer said...

We also dry a lot of fruit at our house. Have you ever dried plantains? One of our favorites!

Ann Wyse said...
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Ann Wyse said...

Oh, plantains! We'll have to try them!

Therese, those jars were Fritz's grandmothers and we somehow managed to get them back from Germany. It's a standard canning jar over there, but I agree, they're cute!

Pregnantly Plump said...

My dad has a dehydrator -- he used to make deer jerky. I believe that's a very Mississippi thing to type. I've tried bananas with no success, but the strawberries look great! I might have to see if I can borrow his and try to do the boys some strawberries. That seems like a fun project!