Tuesday, January 22, 2013

No Soliciting

The weather has warmed up quite a bit, but it's still a little cold for an outdoor picnic. This is the indoor, mid-morning version of a picnic that Noah prepared:

[oops, sorry, photo removed]

The boys have a natural tendency to seek out warm spots for their play. In the winter sun, the fluted glass on the front door glows and radiates warmth all day long. Often enough the boys play right in front of it, like they are in the photo. I love this door. I love its light. But it does have drawbacks.

You can't really see details through the door but you can see movement. So when some solicitors appeared to be making their way down our street, we abandoned the picnic and headed for other parts of the house.

Yup, we hid, before they saw our movements through the door and realized we were avoiding the doorbell. (I don't always do this.) I think I need one of those No Soliciting signs. Do you think they work?


Pregnantly Plump said...

I love the indoor picnic idea. Our indoor picnics don't often work out very well -- the boys are very messy.
I've never tried a no soliciting sign, so I don't know if they work, but it might be worth a try if you get lots of solicitors.

Katie said...

Ha! We were just saying we need a No Soliciting sign! They're so ugly though. Perhaps I (we!) should commission someone like Rebecca Seale to handpaint/letter one for us... No shame in hiding - I've done it plenty. ;)

twisterfish said...

Since I put up our "no soliciting ... religious or commercial" sign, I've only had two ignore it. And when they do, I just look through the glass and point to the sign (attached to the doorbell). Even though sometimes one might be determined and continue standing there, hoping I'll change my mind, I just smile and point toward the sign, then walk away.

Ann Wyse said...

Oh! This is really good to know, Twisterfish! The 'religious or commercial' would not have occurred to me - but that's a great addition.