Wednesday, December 5, 2012


Fritz and I looked down the street after dark last night. It was beautiful! Our neighbors have really outdone themselves with holiday lights.

"Looks so good already, we don't have to do anything!" Fritz said. "In fact, if we did put up our two strings of lights, it might bring down the quality of the whole block."

But this morning, I ran into one of those neighbors, who asked me, just out of the blue, "When are you going to put your lights up? I want to see something pretty when I look out my window."

Oh. Right.


Noah came home from school one day about a month ago, with a long, elaborate story. The basic premise: lightning had struck at his school during library time. Somebody might have been hurt! All the kids had to go outside for library, so that nobody got hurt.


He repeated the same strange story to Fritz.

The day had been overcast, but not rainy. And certainly NOT stormy. And why was lightning striking inside the school? And why would anybody go outside during a lightning storm? What on Earth was he talking about?

We had to wait until the next day, when he brought home his daily "News."

Item 3: Yesterday we had a fire drill.

Ah ha.


I went to the doctor for an ultrasound yesterday. It was The One where you can find out The Gender of The Baby. People always ask if I'm going to find out or be surprised. Both, right?! Because you will find out AND be surprised at EITHER 20 or 40 weeks! Anyway, I'm a planner, so I was ready to find out the gender and move onward.

The baby is fine, in terms of health. In terms of being a cooperative little soul? Um...not so much. I had to reschedule an ultrasound for two weeks out to determine the gender. This isn't the first time the baby has exhibited strong signs of independence under examination. I suspect that this child will be holding his or her own against Noah and Mattias, too. I guess that's a good quality in a third child. I guess.



Sara Struckman said...

Love all three! If you want to feel better about holiday decorations, dry by my house. This year we were able to rearrange the living room so the tree is in front of the window. My kids desperately want lights outside, but it's not going to happen this year. Lightning. Hilarious! Agreed about finding out gender - I needed to know both times. Looking forward to hearing your news! Hope you're feeling better now that you're in the second trimester!

Pregnantly Plump said...

So funny about the fire drill!

twisterfish said...

I never get the full/correct story when things happen at school. Glad I'm not the only one!

Love your reasoning about being surprised to learn the gender of the baby, no matter when you find out! That's similar to my favorite answer to the question "Is it a boy or a girl?" with "yes". What other choice is there, right!?!