Friday, October 19, 2012


Last weekend, my brother and his girlfriend flew into Denver to visit while Fritz was out of town on business.

Now, normally we don't go out much on the weekends. I'm not entirely sure how we manage this, other than to say that I can get a lot of practical errand running done during the week. Noah's only been in school (7 hours a day) for a couple of months now, so the reality of being forced to do FUN stuff on the weekends hasn't really hit us. In the past, we've managed to schedule ourselves around the weekend, and outside the busiest hours of the day. Until this weekend. We wanted to do fun stuff with our guests! And they were only here two weekend days! So we attempted to do multiple fun things with the multitudes of people also forced to do fun stuff on the weekends. Oh boy.

There's a LOT OF PEOPLE doing fun stuff on the weekends. Kind of makes it a little less fun. I don't do well with crowds, so I quickly designated myself as photographer, took a big step back, and let our guests be the responsible adults (forced to navigate the crazy crowds with 2 crazy children). I just followed.

They did well! Here they are at the museum. They're naturals!

Although, I confess, I had ulterior motives for letting them run point on this particular museum exhibit. I'm a complete wuss when it comes to insects. Therefore, another good project to leave in my brother's capable hands? Decorating the house for Halloween. Spiders and cobwebs, by request:

Okay, so my photos don't exactly tell the story of insanely-busy crowds. You'll have to trust me a little bit. Here's where we had a picnic with my aunt in front of a Walgreens because we couldn't seem to make it through traffic to the pumpkin patch:

And here we finally made it to the pumpkin patch and had to drive VERY, VERY slowly on bumpy dirt roads for what felt like miles. It was bumper to bumper traffic in a pumpkin patch. Argh:

The boys were very patient. And the pumpkin patch, for all the insane traffic felt relatively empty. That's what happens when you force everyone to drive to the far end to look for pumpkins:

Things that happened after I took these photos:

  • One boy got a very bloody noise. I'm guessing that one of these strange, tall pumpkin weeds (?) cut him. It was highly unpleasant, especially since I was without tissues. I debated using my hat or my sock to soak up the blood. The hat won because of easy access. I was completely panicked. Yuck. (Boy is fine, hat is not.)
  • Then, that same boy needed to GO. As you can see, there weren't any conveniently placed trees to water. So we crept back in the car in the direction of the port-a-potties at 1 mile an hour, until I was forced to frantically signal to my brother in the car behind us to Please-please-come-collect-your-nephew-and-run/carry-him-to-the-port-a-potties! It was a 200 meter sprint, and the boy lost his hat to the wind halfway there. But they made such a spectacle running across the field that they were kindly allowed to cut the line of other waiting people. Or was it the dried blood caked to the boy's face?
  • The other boy spilled an entire bag of goldfish all over his carseat. (My aunt gave him the goldfish, but I let him eat them in the car - because, look, we were sitting in pumpkin patch traffic for, like, two hours.)

By the end of the Sunday, I concluded that while the weekends might be more crowded and busy, they seem to generate much better stories to laugh about afterwards. Or maybe that's the specialty of uncles.


twisterfish said...

Oh this post made me smile and laugh and thank you for that! Love love love that last photo. Such love and trust and such beautiful children!!!!

Pregnantly Plump said...

Sounds like a fun time! Hate it about the bloody nose, though.