Friday, October 5, 2012


Last weekend, Fritz and I watched The Iron Lady with Meryl Streep as Margaret Thatcher. I was too young to pay much attention to politics (especially British politics) in the days of Margaret Thatcher. Most of the historical plot was new-to-me. I also can't really claim to be a Margaret Thatcher convert, nor can I advocate that we all run out and see the movie. HOWEVER, after watching the first Presidential debate this week, I did find myself feeling quite disappointed that United States politics don't have one iota of the rhetorical spark in British politics.

Fritz had to read Margaret Thatcher speeches when he was learning English in high school in Germany. (He's a little older than me.) He has a favorite Margaret Thatcher quote, which I like an awful lot, too:

"To borrow and to borrow and to borrow" is not Macbeth with a heavy cold. It is Labour Party policy. 
- Margaret Thatcher's Speech to the Conservative Party in Blackpool, 1985, according to this website.

My personal political position falls on the side of liberal - but really, I can't help but respect this kind of clever speaking, even if I disagree with the sentiment. I chuckle every time I think of it.

And chuckling is a strangely persuasive way to get an idea in your head, even one you think you probably would have disagreed with: if, you know, you were paying any attention to politics in the 1980s.

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Pregnantly Plump said...

We haven't seen it yet. I liked the Queen, but I just haven't attempted that one yet. I try to be supportive of females in male dominant fields, even if I don't agree with their political beliefs. Were you guys close to the debate? I bet traffic was busy in your area.