Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Morning Centric

Over the last two school years, we've fallen into a morning rhythm that works really well for us. It certainly wasn't planned to be this way. If you had told me last September that I would actually find myself liking the result, I would have been shocked.

In fall of 2011,  Fritz started getting up around 6 am with the goal to be on his way to work by 7am and be home by 5pm. The plan was that the boys wouldn't (didn't, at the time,) wake up until Fritz was gone. Because Fritz would be home at 5pm, I would avoid handling the facetiously named Happy Hour by myself and the boys would have a 2 solid hours of playtime with Fritz before bed.

Well, the plan really didn't work like we hoped because the boys just moved to an earlier schedule as well. They jump out of bed between 5:30 and 6 am. And yes, I do mean jump. There's no sleepy morning bodies at our house, we wake up early, we wake up (mostly) together, and we are AWAKE. For a long time, I kept thinking that it would change - that the boys would creep back to a 7am wake up - eventually. And I kept thinking that I would have a precious hour of alone time in the morning. Oh, how I would love that hour! But it's been a year now and the creep to a later wake up? It never happened.

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The result is that the boys and I have about 2 hours and 15 minutes to get ready in the morning. But it's remarkably leisurely. And playful. And it's well-behaved! And it takes me an hour to clean up afterwards! But there are castles built and astronauts space visits before we even venture out the door. Fritz's return at 5pm is always welcomed, and Happy Hour is...well, still insane, but at least I no longer endure it as the sole parent. Bedtime begins at 7pm - and usually both boys are sleeping by 7:30.

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And sometimes, like this morning, one or both of the boys will sit quietly on the stairs, and watch the sun come up. Mostly, what I think is that I'm lucky; I'm lucky that I'm finally learning to love things ALSO the way they are. Maybe I'm even lucky that the boys value the same thing as me. Even though I still wouldn't mind an hour to myself in my our favorite early morning hours.

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Anonymous said...

Sweet - the last picture filled my eyes with tears. You have the perfect house for this, it seems!

Pregnantly Plump said...

That sounds nice, even though I'm not a morning person.
The boys all wake up at different times around here. But our mornings start eally early. School for Little Elvis starts at 7:45. It's 8 for Baby Plum. So we don't get to do leisurely, but it does sound nice. We do get to enjoy fun outside play after school, though.

twisterfish said...

Very nice!

Katie said...

Sitting on the stairs and watching the sun come up...I love it!