Friday, October 26, 2012


It's Friday. It's the end of my first trimester. (Approximately, I mean, because everywhere defines 'trimester' a little differently.) After months of feeling really bad, I'm feeling good(ish) again. You know what helps? Avoiding all those newspaper articles reporting about violence to children - or adults. I have no stomach for it. None. Especially right now. Also, Fritz has been on his second business trip in three weeks, but he comes home tonight, and I am so happy about that.

How about some distraction material?

on Favoritism and Motherhood and how it persists into adulthood from Slate. Favoritism in families. Does anyone really care about favorites by adulthood? Or maybe it's not all about how it affects you - it might be about how it affects your mother.

Ludwigsburg's Pumpkin Regatta (racing giant pumpkins in water with oars!) captured the imagination of both Fritz and me. We've challenged our pumpkin-growing neighbor to a similar event for next year. I hope Fritz understands that he'll be doing the rowing. But really, how hard is it to grow a pumpkin that big? I suspect it may not be so easy! I think we need to devote an entire garden bed to it. More amazing personal photos at Kendra's blog.

This photo from Darmstadt, from the BBC from – what? Glamourlens? – I have no idea how to correctly credit it. It makes me think that you can TOTALLY take your fall family photos AFTER the leaves fall. OBVIOUSLY, leaves don't need to be on the trees to be amazing. Unless you live on the East Coast of United States, in which case, clean up those leaves before Hurricane Sandy hits, yikes!

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twisterfish said...

Oh that photo is amazing!
And glad to hear you're feeling well again. Yahoo!