Saturday, June 23, 2012

Numbers (in which the blog, itself, is the end goal)

On Friday this blog reached the modest count of 10,000 total pageviews in all time according to Blogger. I'm not really sure that to make of this information. However, in honor of a nice round number, I thought I would share some less analytical thoughts on blogs and numbers:

The more pageviews Anyways gets on a daily basis, the more difficult I find it to blog. Does that make any sense?? Probably not. Back when I only got 7 pageviews a day, I could post something new every other day! Now that I get 30 pageviews a day I feel all nervous about posting anything. I think and think and think and type and delete. It's like stage fright or performance anxiety or something. (And yes, I do realize that 30 pageviews a day is nothing is the World of Blogs.)

Posts that receive more than 7 comments on Anyways make me all jittery. It's not normal! Why is this happening? I think. And I like comments! But after 7...? Thankfully, it doesn't happen very often.

I like blogs that are updated about every other day, or every 2 days. I feel like 1) I get to know the blogger with this kind of frequency and 2) I have time to think about what she posts and comment thoughtfully. (I'm not fast on my feet; processing time is important to me.)

Once a week updates are my least favorite - despite the fact that I find myself falling into this pattern lately. The blog seems to lose its spontaneity. (Uh-oh.)

If I could choose a rhythm of posts for my own blog I would do: 1 post that is more personal, then 1 post that is more entertainment, then 1 post that is more informative. I think blog balance is important. I actually dislike blogs that are too much of the same thing. They feel commercial. Although, I understand that's what you are suppose to do if you want to earn money. (Thus the commercial feeling, right?)

The 7 comment rule goes for other blogs, too. I love to comment on a blog post with only a few comments! It makes me feel Grassroots or In The Know. I have butterflies about commenting on a blog post with tens (or hundreds!) of comments. It feels like, um, a dog pile or something. I usually don't comment on those posts. And I tend to weed those blogs out of my reader over time. There are a few exceptions, because some posts and some bloggers are just so good that I am overwhelmed by my need to express my adoration or enthusiasm.

Fritz would want to know why the number 7 now repeats 3 times in this post. "Is there something biblical about your blog?" He would ask.

I'm pretty sure these numbers reflect some sort of neurosis, but I don't think it's biblically-based.  Whatever, I decide. I think we all have some neurosis. I'm not going to stress about it.


Pregnantly Plump said...

I once wrote a paper about the number 3 in Moby Dick and it's biblical tie ins. Just a very, very random thought for you

Simply Bike said...

Just catching up on my favorite blogs while we have a little downtown between trips. By the way, I will have a Helles and think of you in Munchen! :)

I loved this post because I share a lot of your thoughts and I also love to comment on posts where I actually think my comment will be read (rather than adding one to the slush pile that is a post with hundreds of comments on it already). Grassroots or simply in need of comment validation? :)

Keep up this lovely blog of yours!


Ann Wyse said...

Oh, SImply Bike, such a good point about feeling in need of validation! I'd never though of it that way before, but you are right - there's definitely an aspect of validation in there. Something for me to think about.