Friday, June 1, 2012


We took the boys fishing yesterday. There's a children's fishing pod, stocked on Memorial Day, that we attempted to visit last year. We learned: you've got be early in the season, or the fish will be all gone. Last year was a bit of a disappointment.

BUT this year, four days after Memorial Day: and the fish were biting at noon! Hmmm...

Fritz, being Fritz, was all about getting the proper gear - in this case a children's fishing rod. Alas, it doesn't work very well, Fritz tells me. (Although it DID catch two little fish!) He's already talking about giving Noah his old (good) fishing rod and buying a new one for himself.

Noah, being Noah, designed his own impromptu fishing rod while Fritz was fiddling with the (bad) children's fishing rod.

Mattias played with the worms. Oh, did he play with worms. You know, worms are something of a specialty in dry, sunny Colorado. This really brought me back to my own childhood and playing with worms after the rain. I don't know what the equivalent for high-prarie Colorado kids is.

I confess, Mattias loved those worms so much, that I'm thinking about spending $2 to buy him another Box O' Worms at the fishing store. This either makes me want to laugh or cry.


Katie said...

So fun! Kids and worms...$2 of peace. Deal.

Pregnantly Plump said...

Worms are fun! Did you tell any "it was THIS big" stories on the way home?

Ann Wyse said...

So right, Pregnantly Plump! We totally missed that, because we were so excited to catch anything at all. Next time, next time!

twisterfish said...

This brings back so many memories of fishing with my dad... and digging for worms before fishing. It was fun to play with the worms! $2 sounds like a great deal, and worth every penny.