Thursday, June 14, 2012


You know how we are all posting photos of our feet on the internet?  I think that showing our feet is suppose to signify that we are relaxed or something. (God, how I love the internet sometimes.) Shalini had one of my all-time-favorite-hilarious-posts about photos on Facebook here. She touches on the topic of feet photos - so you should totally check it out. Also, hilarious.

I am certainly not immune to posting a few feet photos. And I probably take a lot more feet photos than I publish. I mean, how can I resist sometimes? Even if I have the World's Ugliest Feet?

But, in all seriousness: below is what my feet are doing a lot of lately.

And it's not that relaxing. But I think I might be getting some more muscle tone in my legs. Those bandaids? On my big toes? Planter warts. Ugh. I'm trying to get rid of them using apple cider vinegar and duct tape, but it doesn't look very nice in progress. I'm trying NOT to bring attention to them. Thus, I'm NOT painting my toenails some fun color. Or I just don't have time to paint my toenails. Or get a pedicure. Which is where I suspect those planters warts came from in the first place....

My holistic wart removal drives Fritz crazy. He wants me to 'just go to the doctor.' But as my physician friend points out, even physicians often have problems getting rid of them. So there.

Now these bandaids have nothing to do with planter warts:

The poor kid rubbed the skin off his toes while playing in the swimming pool. When he came out of the pool, he left bloody toe prints across concrete. (At that point, he claimed it didn't hurt.) Ugh. Let's review why this happened, shall we?

1) Concrete (versus tiled) swimming pools.
2) Playing in the toddler sized swimming pool
3) Too many floating devices which allow him and his friends to drag each other through the water (and across the concrete floor)

Time for swimming lessons again. (And hopefully this year, we can finally ditch the floaties and get out of the toddler pool.) Noah's lessons started yesterday.

Fingers crossed that it goes well, because I wouldn't want anyone talking away my World's Ugliest Feet title.


Katie said...

Finger's crossed for a productive session of lessons. T just finished his and learned far more than I had hoped for. And we got a new (and first) babysitter out of the deal. :)

I adore your Tom's collection.

Susie said...

About the tile pools? Yes. When I lived in Germany, every pool seemed very luxurious and high end. I finally realized that was because they had tile not concrete.

Pregnantly Plump said...

Wow! I hope his little yoes get better soon. As for warts, Little Elvis has one. We tried the at home freeze off stuff, and it didn't work. My aunt said duct tape is the best stuff for warts. And a lot of derms here won't touch warts.

rooth said...

Feet FREAK me out. The less attention I can call to mine, the better. It may or may not have been from being called fat toes when I was younger