Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Vent Followup

I want to thank you for your insights and comments about my recent struggles with Noah.

Taking away the privilege of going to school yesterday seems to have had the desired impact. Which makes me think a lot about the relationship between impact and choices and privileges. When Noah dumped the bucket(s) of sand on the other child at the playground, he immediately lost the privilege of staying at the playground. It was also the day before his birthday, so we postponed his gift opening from the next morning to another day. One would think that was a pretty undesirable outcome for dumping sand on somebody's head.

But he didn't care. Which was additionally frustrating for me as a parent. So when missing school had impact? Well, honestly, I felt a little better about making a choice that was pretty hard for me to make. Also, it seems to me there's some sort of two-cent-wisdom here about figuring out what impacts your kid...

Still, I hope that I never have to do that again. It's one thing to take away preschool, but I think it's an entirely different thing to take away kindergarten, never mind first grade, second grade - in fact, I can't even imagine using school as a privilege to revoke a year or two from now.

Also, I've got some book recommendations regarding the type of problems we're having. I'll be checking them out, and will report back.

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Anonymous said...

No, you can't use the school - he is smart enough to realize that he can't just miss school. But then there will be other things - play dates, outings...your ideas for logical consequences will grow along with your son!