Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Recent Projects

Last weekend the boys and Fritz completed our first birdhouse. We've been looking for a birdhouse (in the store to buy) for a couple years. We wanted: a door that opened on the side for clean out, wood, and MAYBE big enough to fit a tiny camera inside. Well, we finally just settled for a wood kit, because the stores around here seem to exist in a birdhouse vacuum. (Except for these expensive beauties at Whole Foods.)

[Image removed. I do that every now and then.
Some images have a very short lifespan in the internet.]

It looks a little lonely. I think we'll need some friends for it.

We also finally put a seat on our sandbox. When we stopped work last year, we just wrapped the landscape fabric over the landscape timbers to protect the boys from splinters:

This year, we added a redwood seat on top of that landscape fabric:

It's a pretty small sandbox, but I have to tell you, we've had no complaints. I actually think one of the reasons the boys like it IS the small intimate size of the space.

Have you read all that stuff online about unsafe (carcinogenic) sand? It makes me kind of batty, because if you read the information carefully and you read between the lines, you might come to the conclusion that there are some very obnoxious companies out there are working really hard to capitalize on misunderstandings and well-meaning bureaucracy. Also, who likes to play in dry sand, anyway? The whole point of sand is to make it wet. Which is what we do, and how it almost always is. And I experience no guilt. Even though I am the same mother who insists on rGBH free milk for everyone.


Pregnantly Plump said...

The shade for the sandbox is a great touch! It's amazing how much kids like sand.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, wet sand - aren't there even special toys out there to use both materials in the most fantastic way?

twisterfish said...

We put together that exact birdhouse last week and my son painted it just like the one in your photo. I love looking out my kitchen window at it. Now we're just waiting semi-patiently for the birds to find it.