Thursday, May 10, 2012

Confessions without Repentance

I ate two bites of red meat. It was intentional. It's been 18 years since I've eaten red meat. Fritz is an amazing meat chef. When I say he's an amazing meat chef, I mean that he does a great job cooking meat. It tastes very, very good for meat. He has slowly eroded my vegetarianism over the last 10 years.  But even after 18 years, I still don't really like or miss meat that much. But we can't really say I'm a vegetarian anymore, can we?

I bought two more pairs of Toms because after 4 months the first pair looks like this:
Bleach spots from cleaning up after the stomach bug, red spray paint haze from painting plant pots, and holes because I wore them all the time.
What would I possibly wear all summer without the Toms? Hint: not flip flops. I still would recommend that you NOT BUY THESE SHOES, because they are overpriced and wasteful, in spite of their (fake-y) good intentions. Also, my first pair lasted me a mere 4 months. I only hope they are giving a higher quality shoes to The Children In Need. On the positive side, I did wash them in the washing machine on gentle and they withstood it very well.

Hmm...there was one more confession...what was it?

Oh yes, I also put my cell phone through the washing machine two weeks ago. It didn't fare well, probably because it wasn't the gentle cycle, eh? I stuck it in rice afterwards. Partial success: however, this is the third cell phone I've pretty much ruined in three years. Oops. I can get texts, listen to messages and send texts. But I can't talk on it. Subsequently (not logically) I've stopped checking messages. I have over 12 messages. The longer I don't listen to them, the harder it gets to make myself listen to them.

Don't call my cell phone or send me any texts right now. Also, I'm not avoiding anyone; I'm avoiding my cell phone. I'm...considering what to do next. Hint: checking those 12+ messages doesn't have to be the answer, right? (I guess I don't have any problems being hands free. Hehe.)


Katie said...

Confession: I rarely work backwards. i.e. I would not check the 12 missed messages. ;)

Ah, Toms. Somewhere on that grey shoe must be the evidence of the mud day. :)

Ann Wyse said...

Oh my goodness, working backwards = checking messages! That's brilliant, Katie. I'm appropriating that excuse from now on. I love it.

Pregnantly Plump said...

I'm terrible about carrying my cell phone, and answering it. I know it's frustrating for people who call.
As for shoes, I had some cute slip-on Keds a couple of years ago that I completely wore out. I replaced them w/Skechers,but I had to wear socks with them. Maybe you could try those, or the Converse ones next time. I think they all have some form of support.

twisterfish said...

I detest talking on the phone (and am eternally grateful for the person who invented texting), so I would ignore the messages and move on. Love "not working backwards"! Very clever!